Aren't you tired...

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    Hello, I wrote this poem and its called Aren't you tired... i wrote it in english not my main language so have mercy!

    "Aren't you tired..."

    Aren't you tired,of being a loser
    when night comes you unable to cry
    hiding from things getting worse
    without route back to your past life

    what it takes to defeat this vice
    what it takes to overcome regret
    no more than be wise nor forget
    to learn what it takes to be a man

    you can hide but the pain will stay
    today,or forever youll be prey
    prey of what robbed your life
    your fresh life,your younger days

    what haunted you for years
    what killed you and tears
    you choose being a slave
    a slave of the pleasure

    killed in life and weird
    or be free like a bird
    theres no black or white
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