Around 2 years of semen retention.. what happens ?

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    I am a 38 year old married man and had on and off relationship with porn and masturbation till I was 35, nothing very debilitating. I was doing well in my career and had a normal regular life.

    At 35, I injured my knee in a bowling game and started limping. It became so painful that I started hating every time my wife would ask me to do outside chores because I would have had to climb those stairs. Physiotherapists further inured my knee. I just could not understand what the hell was wrong with my knee. I did a lot of googling and read somewhere that Indian scriptures speak very highly about sexual continence and that it is the solution to all physical ailments.

    I was in so much pain that I decided to give it a shot. I reasoned that I cannot practice complete semen retention because I am married but at least I could stop porn and masturbation. To me they had never seemed normal but I indulged in them nonetheless because I had nothing better to do. So I took upon this challenge to be porn free for 3 months.

    First attempt failed within 2 weeks. My caving-in gave me a flash of realisation. May be this was harder as a challenge and easier as a life style. I should not have kept a count of days.

    Second attempt started as a lifestyle. 3 months passed. During those 3 months, all the emotions that I used to feel became sharper and my knee felt better. Emotionally, I started feeling like a rebel but I could not conceptualise what I was rebelling against. I was still having normal sex with my wife. One time, I orgasmed but did not ejaculate. The next day, I looped a lot between aggressive and enthusiastic thoughts. The fun part was there were less depressive or regretful thoughts. I started to read up on semen retention. It seemed like a much tougher task than no porn, no masturbation - especially for a married man.

    There were 100s of videos and blogs talking about cold showers, eating habits, sleeping postures, transmutation techniques and meditation methods. At this point I started to question the "possible" benefit from semen retention vs discipline required to practice it as life style. According to some of these folks, even wet dreams were a breach of this practice. It did not bother me because I wanted to do it as a lifestyle and not as a challenge. I told myself that I am going to do what comes naturally to me.

    I am going to skip over what practices I followed and how they evolved because this could be very personal and may not appeal to everybody. I am directly going to jump to how the world changes around you if you do this long enough. There will be some stuff that I can explain with a plausible hypothesis and some stuff I can not.

    Stuff I can explain:

    1. You will always be high and energetic as if your body is producing cocaine. You will find it hard to be in any other state.

    2. Your mind will be sharper, so much keener that your intellect will start to become intimidating to people- highly educated successful people.

    3. You will always be cheerful and helping your buddies - be it an intellectual task or a physical task

    4. Your skin, posture and general health will improve. This was my main motivation.

    5. Your eye contact will improve and your self image will become superior.

    6. Many bad habits will drop out of your life automatically.

    7. You will finish your projects and that too quickly because your general stamina and clarity of mind will improve.

    8. You will become more creative not just logical or with good memory.

    9. Long and complicated codes you write will run in one shot.

    10. You will become humorous and lose the habit of judging others.

    11. You will see women as human being not objects to conquer and men as friends not competitors.

    12. You stop lying even a little. You become man enough to handle consequences of your actions. You turn a hero.

    13. Your body language becomes stoic and quiet and heroic.

    14. The feeling of confusion will become alien to you.

    Now the stuff I can not:

    1. Children will be drawn to you. I have had one incident where a dad was taking his kid and his dog for a walk. The kid just stopped and would not stop staring at me. Her dad was of course confused and I think partly annoyed.

    2. Women of all age and looks will be drawn to you. It does not matter if it is a 6 feet blonde stunner barista girl or your wife's friends. You don't go to parties any more after are the party.

    3. You don't try any more. You desire, you plan and you succeed. I wanted VISA to go to Morocco. I am an Indian citizen living in Amsterdam. It was my best friend's wedding and I only had 3 days. Morocco takes minimum of 1 week in Amsterdam to give VISA. I directly showed up at the consulate (not at VISA office) and asked the resident official for a VISA within 2 days because I wanted to attend my friend's wedding. No sob story , No over pleading. I got it.

    4. Finances improve and legal troubles disappear. Random opportunities to make money will come to you. People will directly tell you that they will invest in your company if you start one. You will get many job opportunities.

    5. People will want to please you. They will do things to get you involved. You will always be noticed. Your presence will heat the room (I am not kidding ). Some times it gets awkward because every body is speaking to you even when you are trying your best to be discrete.

    6. To convince others of your idea, you will just have to state it. You will then understand how easy and simple life could be.

    7. You will become beautiful. People will stare at you in streets. Your eyes will shine like two tiny twinkles of the diamond. Once you start talking to them with your eyes in theirs, man or woman, you will possess them.

    8. You will experience up to 20 orgasms a day just experiencing life. Time will move slower for you. You will achieve a lot more than others do in a day. You will find time for work, friends , family and yourself.

    9. Sometimes , the spot between your eyes will start to throb. In some of those moments, you will experience a rare connection with the base of your spine and tears will roll down your eyes. You will understand what you have been rebelling against all along. You will get a hazy glimpse of what is to come that will charge every pore in your body and you will feel them bursting into sparkles of electricity. You might wonder what would it be to feel orgasm of trillion living beings at once.

    10. Dreams will change. They will become coloured. You will hear spiritual chant in your dreams. Sleeping will become meditative. Insights will come after every sleep. You will change after every sleep like a baby changes.

    11. Sense of Gender will start to disappear. You will naturally love men and women. You will be genuinely curious about them. You will being to love animals more. Actually, You will start to love everything more.

    12. Fear of death will disappear. Life would seem perpetual.

    13. Your mouth will only utter what should be uttered in a situation. This is an amazing ability. You can show up in any meeting or gathering trusting this ability. Once, you analyse what you said even when you were not thinking, it would be perfect.

    14. You would always feel as if you have found true love.

    I would like to conclude this post by saying that 'semen retention' cannot be achieved by will power alone. Their needs to be grace. The meaning of grace could be very personal and that is where I draw line between dogmatic religion and personal spirituality. Every man should give it a serious shot to get a glimpse of what he could become.
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    Congrats man this is an amazing story!
    Could you share what strategies worked for you in order to go 2 full years?
    Also would you happen to have any reading material that deals with semen retention, Im very interested in learning.
    Keep it up and stay strong brother
  3. Yeah man I was pretty close to two years of Pmo free and I can DEFINITELY relate to most of the things you mentioned and actually some of them gave me a sort of comfort knowing I’m not the only one who experiences that haha. Especially having a strong desire connection with men and women no matter what gender. And of course everyone staring. Very well done post :)
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    Thanks for all the info, really good to hear you are doing so well. Would you mind expanding on how, if at all, it impacts on your relationship with your wife?
  5. Froger

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    Wow. This is encouraging. Youve given me things to work towards.
  6. Windkick

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    Congrats, you're experiencing the true benefits of semen retention. I'm at about 3 months and three weeks in but I have ways to go. I'm still waiting for more extended or lasting confidence/energy boosts as I have only gone through a few 2 day periods of these. I'm a bit bolder with others at times. You probably will have some wet dreams but it will be nothing serious. I had a couple after my 90 days.
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    NoFap Defender

    can you better explain point 8? stuff you can not
  8. Universal_panda

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    Thanks for your kind words. I will explain some points.

    I never got a wet dream. I make sure to take zinc, Vitamin C and B 12. I want to keep my testosterone levels optimum, not suppress it. I eat meat also. Wet dreams come when their are residual thoughts from the day. When I get urges in the day, I ask myself -what is the cause of this expression ? Whatever I am feeling , is this the only way to express it ? Slowly it subsides. This helps you even in confrontational situation but mind you - you are not afraid.

    Relationship with my wife changed significantly. We do not yell at each other but we do have arguments. I think that is the nature of cohabiting with another person. However, my wife's 'devotion' for me has increased. I would not use the word 'love' because I understand it differently now. I do not feel compelled to do anything in relationship because of the fear that I might lose her. I am able to have a fun time with her friends without being awkward and she appreciates it. In fact, I would day that duties of marriage help you to stay grounded. Long practice of this life style can make you very self reflective to the point that it would look like paper world.

    Time moves slowly because you can capture a lot more in your attention span than you used to before. You could pick up a research paper and read it in 15 mins. You will be able to retain a lot and deeper concepts will not seem so deep. it will be obvious.
    You would start to write code and at the end of the day you would have tried multiple things because everything you tried will run smoothly without error. So relative to what you are used to doing in a day , you will do more and best of all, you will have vivid memory of all those things. This will make time seem pass slowly. It is like you have memory of 1 week in 1 day.

    Thanks for reading.
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    You become a Master level Nofap Jedi.
  10. Gideonite

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    This was definitely inspiring. Thank you so much for this post. Every point was accurate. I habe been through almost everyone of them when I almost reached a year. This motivated me to get back to it. Thanks again
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    Thanks for this post, it really gives me hope.

    You never experienced the downside? Like depression, anhedonia, stiff legs, teeth pain, panic attack, or any of the withdrawal effects?

    I've done nofap for about 160 days, and not using porn for 200 and more, but i ne er fully experienced what you talk about, only some glimpses, but for the most it was really hard...
  12. Universal_panda

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    For me, every day has been better. I never felt that today worse than yesterday. I feel depressed when I feel urges kicking in for a specific person. I feel my attention has been robbed from me without my will. I feel handicapped and it takes some time to regain composure.
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    sorry I meant point 9
  14. clapas

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    Very well written account. Thanks for sharing, it was really inspiring. To be honest it is so amazing that I can hardly believe it. I hope that happens to me too.
  15. Universal_panda

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    That is the part I have no explanation for. It just happens. You are as if mesmerised by your own being.
  16. Zeeshaan

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    Awesome quote brother.
    Namaste from a fellow Indian.
  17. Zeeshaan

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    You really make me feel like the bajaj avenger as -I feel like God.
  18. Very well articulated post OP! Clearly shows symptoms of one who has truly experienced benefits of abstinence. Some valuable insights here..:)
  19. 88k

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    Seeing these long streaks of nofap really help me gain motivation that I can do it myself.
    Congrats to you, and I hope you continue doing well :)

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