Around 2 years of semen retention.. what happens ?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Universal_panda, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Jasmeet

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    Edging is the main reason of you having blue balls. Stop doing it
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  2. 2Easy_Peasy

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    What inflammation specifically are you referring to?
  3. BigBallOfFire

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    and vas deferens
  4. 2Easy_Peasy

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    Gotcha, but what for is the inflammation a result of and what is your goal in reducing inflammation in the urethra and vas deferens? Is this to aid in erectile quality? What quantity/ratio of these ingredients do you take?
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  5. 2Easy_Peasy

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    Truly inspiring words backed by sound wisdom. Thank you for sharing this! Do you have an approximate timeline from beginning your semen retention journey for all of the listed benifits? Such would only serve to further inspire others such as myself.
    Also, in the process of perfecting the art of orgasm with no release, surely you had a few mishaps? If so, how long did it take you to recover back to the point at which you enjoyed prior to ejaculating?

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  6. Pigwaran

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    Amazing post man. Those side effects of semen retention seem so great, it's hard to believe they're true. Thanks for extra boost of motivation mate!!
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  7. BigBallOfFire

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    eh, well.. chronic inflammation happens in my body (and possibly plenty of other men) due to excessive masturbation over so many many years. nowadays when I relapse and just do like 2-3 sessions for 20-30min each, this inflammation comes back. It makes my bladder very sensitive (I need to get up during the night to pee), my whole urethra is reddened and painful, inflamed... it just feels like its burning (and its NOT an infection of any sorts- I got this tested - results came back clean...)

    also I noticed my wet dreams vanished, and semen leakage is almost none since I started this cranberry extract.
    I take 2 - 3 doses morning, middle day and before bed. I got a local version, and in my supplement there is parsley extract, nettle root extract, cranberry extract - all of them help maintain good plumbing in men ;)
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  8. Universal_panda

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    I would day 1 year is good time. Recovery is not the word I would use if you lose semen while having sex with someone you love. In fact, I barely notice any difference. This is not a failure. This is a lifestyle. In 2 years, out of 100- 150 times I had sex with my wife, I have ejaculated like 6 times.
  9. BigBallOfFire

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    so how do you have sex? do you do it slowly? so that you not ejaculate? how does your wife reacted to you not ejaculating?
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  10. forwardthriller

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    Hey do you think if you ever started to ejaculate for some reason, you will retain some of the benefits ... like do you see that some part of this is permanent not temporary "benefits" ... well now that i think about it how would you know ? LOL

    words even on a paper seem to mean more . things seem to be rigid not flimsy like before , i believe everything you are saying even at 47 days of semen retention.i feel Euphoric and have noticed the same hype with some of youtubers that are promoting semen retention.

    where do you think you will be in two more years or you have reached the limit
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  11. FeelTheThunder

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    I AM A 16 YEAR OLD
    I recently moved to another city
    And everyone treats me like shit here.
    I was having a lit life in my old city.
    Even though I was only one month into NoFap, the benefits were much greater there.
    Here people make fun of my accent.
    I'm always lonely
    I think its because of the depression that I'm supressing the nofap gains.
    Anyway I'm gaining muscle and fat by goin to the gym so i'm gud ig.
    2020 is my year.
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  12. Summer Son

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    Thanks for sharing this amazing insights! @Universal_panda You have also different perspectives and you shot the 12 points.
  13. Amazing and beautiful ! Thank you I am so happy I read your story . Who knows what you will be able to uncover as you continue seeking .
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  14. Niru4luv

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    Could anyone please tell me what's the purpose of edging? Is it necessary?
  15. Demodectic

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    Edging means stroking your ding-dong up until the point that you are about to cum but then you STOP before cumming. The prblem with edging is that it keeps your dopamine peaked (concentration/seeking) for the entire amount of time and in doing so it interferes with your Reboot.

    But the main problem is that most men will end up ejaculating because its hard to ABORT the process right before the ejaculation. So its best to avoid edging altogether. Nothing good can come from it, it just sets you back
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  16. Edging is worse because when your masterbating for long periods of time to almost orgasim your flooding your brain with dopamine . I find when I edge it removes the longing to reach out and connect with others . Edging replaces the dopamine craving which is empty without benefit to me and depletes me . When I don't edge I create drive within that helps me walk up to any person and ask them what ever the hell I want for my benefit for my ego or my buisness . My sex drive becomes my tool for effortless drive to accomplish what ever I want .
  17. 5adn8m8

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    I can't thank you enough for this thread. It was absolutely inspiring and definitely worth the time.
    praise be brother.
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  18. forwardthriller

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    Dude did you seriously just skim through everything, so uncool
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  19. ALEX_88

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    NoFap Defender

    "I'm going to skip which practices I followed and how they evolved because this could be very personal and everyone might not like it"

    actually it's the part that interests me most of all :)
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