Around 2 years of semen retention.. what happens ?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Universal_panda, Oct 29, 2019.

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    How is it now?
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    Sir , what about sex ?? do you have sex with your wife ?? Is having sex a breach of being on NoFap . Please enlighten on this aspect . Wouldnt it be detrimental on a relationship if we stopped having sex ??
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  5. Anyone know how he is doing now? He's probably with the Gods.

    This story is very inspiring and hopefully all of us can be where you are. Congrats.
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    Thanks for sharing..
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    amazing stuff, life changing examples :)
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    I have done semen retention for over 300 days never ejaculating while awake. But I have a wet dream every week or so, even when I don't feel to stop that?

    And why I feel I don't see the benefits you state (at least not as profoundly):

    -strangers often ignore me (waiter, especially in a group etc.)
    -I don't notice female attention (maybe like 5-10% increase, but they flat out ignored me before)
    -same with children, MAYBE 5-10% increase
    -finances not improved
    -still eat junk food

    (I try to improve these areas, but I struggle, they certainly dissolve automatically)

    and so on, please explain?!
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    Keep it up buddy :)
    Brain tries to dominate us.
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  10. Awesome I believe you are right. I have practiced it enough to know wasting my vital fluid is the immediate and direct cause of a drop in jubilance and even emotional stability & resilience. Also being able to work longer without any fatigue surfacing nor feeling drained when I go home.

    How many memes, not like joke ones but srsly, can we share for BRAIN TRIES TO DOMINATE US? Oh goodness how true it is.

    Do you believe in a lizard brain? Are you saying the "higher" brain and I'm no expert but is that the neocortex or something else? What does the amygdala do? Or even that part the professor lectures on in The Waterboy?

    Sorry in all seriousness though I believe our thoughts are what end up choosing our choices for us not any brain parts but that's just my take.
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  11. Congratulations.


    Number 5 happened to me when I was 2 months in.

    I hope your knee is healed.
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    I am sorry that I ask such a stupid question but you continued having sex during those 2 years, right ?
    Because I was wondering if it effects you in a negative way