Arousal while Talking/Texting

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Pastoress, Jul 28, 2018.

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    What are your thoughts on being aroused while chatting with someone attractive?

    I find it’s easy for me to be aroused when I get attention from someone I’m interested in. One implication of that is that the other party could also be aroused by said attention.

    Is it prude-ish to be cautious about such arousal? Is it foolish to encourage arousal when that can distract from building the relationship? How do you all approach this type of situation?
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  2. I honestly just let it happen and pass. There was a girl I was talking to a while ago and we both had a thing for each other. I would honestly get a boner if she said anything cutsy towards me in a attractive way. I knew she wasn't the girl to be sexual back so I had to hold my arousal. I think it's also okay because most girls would see a boner as a compliment. I guess I wouldn't worry to much about it unless it drives you to watch porn after.
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    Honestly? The reason I really started thinking about this is because I am uncertain about how to think and feel knowing that someone got an erection because of me. Not sure if my Puritan roots go too deep or if my caution meter is set just right. I want respect more than sex, so I do value some sexual caution.

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