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    ive stumbled across a video from Hypnotica about creating raw emotions of lust, unstoppable sensuality and uncontrollable feelings of lust in women. In the video ( wont post it, its graphic). It was showed that men can easily arouse women so hard, that they almost fall all over you.

    Im not coming from the pick up community, im coming from the emotional side and i have been thinking and working on the law of attraction ( Attractions isnt a choice), and im a bit confused about arousing women in public.

    Well, i have depleted my libido over the last years and isolated myself from people cause of pain and depression. That days are gone and actually women have approached me but without coming to a kiss or more. Like a felt a really great heart jumping, big warm feeling inside my heart, all over my chest, felt my own arousal. But each time i panicked, and shut down emotionally and went into brain dead mode. Sadly

    Since nofap, (videogames, quit that shit too, my last game will be Kingdom Hearts 3, cause im waiting for over 15! years for that damn thing, i love Kingdom Hearts) are arousal addictions, i often masturbated so much, that i felt little attraction to beautiful girls ( even a redhead beautiful girl, which was all i wanted, i turned down because of this, i had panic and felt uncomfortable while she touched me and showed me, that she likes me) and didnt feel my own arousal for years. I really masturbated so much because i was so afraid of this great feeling, of feeling aroused and showing it to others.

    So when attration isnt a choice, isnt arousal then a choice? Which means: If i feel comfortable in my own body and let this feeling feel deep inside me and enjoy, will it then go over to women and arouse them? Will it really make them crazy? In the named video, the dude talked about "techniques" and "phrases" but i dont believe in that shit! Its more about how i feel in my body, and if somebody made experiences about arousing women ( or how to) and feeling aroused, please let me know. Thats like the part im missing, cause ive already attracted women but to go further to kissing and having sex something was missing.

    Ps. i want to take full responsibility for how things go in my life and how my dating life goes. So if i can improve on arousing women, everybody will benefit. Nevertheless i have to thank nofap, because i made me face my own feelings of arousal, who are really strong and made me panic and some uncontrolled erections in public
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    Ya man Ive been waiting for KH3 myself. I love kh as well. Not even raelly playing it i just love what it is.

    You mentioned attraction and around being choices or not. The issue here is that you are asking for a binary answer for something that is relatively complex. Even tho this exists on layers of biology, psychology and social conditioning ... I make it simple. A test was done some time ago to figure out if we have free will or not. Basically we cannot really stop our brains / bodies from having thoughts or feeling certain things HOWEVER where the free will comes in is that we can stop it voluntarily after. Think of when u touch something hot without realizing. We move our hands instinctively away whether we realize it or not consciously. But if u pick up a hot plate and its hotter than u expect u will want to put it down but u can force urself to keep holding it so as not to break the plate.

    With arousal/attraction its a different part of the brain sure but same reflex. The person can immediately even subconsciously stop the impulse.

    To the other part about techniques and arousing women and all that. Ive done pick up artistry and personality science. I understand neuro-linguistic programming etc. To be honest there is some benefit to understanding it but however it is largely ineffective and placebo. Certain things work because well you actually get the confidence to try and words can have power but generally nothing is more attractive/arousing/ powerful as being the best version of urself and presenting that honestly. Nofap can help u develop that.

    In regards to rebuilding healthy relationships with women and flirting and being comfortable. Start small and keep inching forward. If u take on too much at once u will panic or revert then feel like u shouldnt do it or u need some special method. The method is trying again increasingly. U can think of it like a game. If an area is too hard u just try again later and little by little u get further. Ideally find a hobby that helps u be social and puts u around good women.

    In regards to quitting games. Sometimes it is what is needed however often games are a scapegoat for our own shortcomings. That being said def try quitting and see if u improve. If not the goal might be to play less or once in a while. Videogames can be good for u. In fact the right video game can help u with issues. anyway gl bro
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