As teenager during this corona crisis.

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    I am on my 7th day of NoFap. I was and am addicted to porn and sexuality. To tell the truth, haven't even had a girlfriend nor a kiss due to this problem, even though in my not so humble opinion I do look fresh and good af. But enough jokes!! I have been fapping usually everyday since 6th grade, and could say even before using a massage machine that vibrates (I feel quite embarrased saying it) . I am a teenager, and during these times of quarantine speaking with women and improving my life is difficult. So bear with me on this one because me and many others could use some advice.
    Mi inner and instinctive desire to build as much memories as I can don't help the fact that I wish to sleep early and live a disciplined life. This has led me to the confusion, what the hell should I do, enjoy my life and goof around or discipline myself to death: I have concluded that balance is for the better, but at this age, I don't know what a balanced lifestyle is. What do you guys think I ought to do??
    Secondly, I can NOT stop myself from edging, the whole day with an erection. I even find myself watching porn and edging it all up. Is this normal, I understand the 7-14 days might be the hardest, also considering the fact that as a guy with 17 years old of living, sex drive is also very very high. Combined with the fact, that I've not many options to focus or get rid off this energy. I do exercise, I've a dumbbel, yoga mat, even a sand bag of 105 pounds. Also I read. But when I am watching youtube videos (max 1:30 hours a day) I get so horny, also during and after the exercise. At this point I am not ever sure how I got yo the seventh day.
    Now that you guys see my situation, any recommendations please?? I have been improving a lot during this quarantine already read 4 books, learned 2 new passions, got better at guitar, my relationships with friends have improved a lot too. But this NoFap is going to be the best decision I took, however in this journey, I find myself needing you guys's help.
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    One thing I feel you understand: You understand efforts are reality and Ease is fiction.

    Okay, so you have taken the first step. 7 days is a good start!

    How I cope:
    1. Stay busy, throughout the day. (I study Maths and Physics)
    2. Meditation occasionally(elevates awarness)
    3. Workout every alternate day ofc.

    Emergency Procedures(when Having an intense urge)
    1. Put the screen away.(BIGGG STEP) Just do it.
    2. While still learning to cope, Don’t be alone.
    3. Be aware of your actions. Compute the consequences? Look at the whole swamp like a soaring eagle, not like a snake inside the swamp with a small vision.

    KNOW WHY PMO, MO is detrimental for you. Understand how you’re utterly wasting your life. You are reducing your masculinity coz you lose testosterone. Search google for Testosterone and see all that it does for your body!!

    Find a reeeeaaalllll passion in life. If you find that realllll passion, man, you are set up for life.

    And, leading a disciplined life is more fulfilling, healthy. Gives a sense of accomplishment, and really teaches us how to subside emotions when needed.
    All the best!
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    Thankss so much for the advice!!
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    Discipline and having fun is not bad, but to think that semen retention is a self killing discipline is a problem, you see orgasm gives you highs from cocaine like experience but also gives harm and fatal effect on body and neural systems. if taking cocaine is bad because you are not enjoying now well you can see where the problem comes, and that's why you're here in the forum.

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