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    First off I am trying to leave porn behind for almost 2 years.I told two of my friends about my struggle. One of them started telling other people ( which are my friends too but I am not so close to them). So anyway I found out when one of friend told me that people know I am addicted to porn. I feel kind ashamed that they know and I don't know what to do about it . Some even think it's funny and poke me for it which gets me angry a little but I don't give a fuck about what they think.So can please give me a opinion how to handle this,what should I do or tell .
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    Use it as motivation to stay abstinent from porn. How do you feel with everyone knowing about your addiction? You will remember that feeling every time you indulge. It will not be worth it anymore, knowing that everyone knows about it.

    The best thing would be for everyone to know how you were addicted, but are no longer actively addicted.

    Other's knowledge of your condition will only be helpful if they know how you were able to overcome it. You will be able to help others who are afflicted as you once were.
  3. Likely more of them than not also have a similar issue, they just haven't come grips with it yet.

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