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    I just visited an ugly older escort cause I was trying to spend less money; Don’t know what to do, I just couldn’t say no... Also I have lost drive, ambition and motivation since I started seeing escorts (2 months ago)
    Any advice from someone who have been through the same shit would be highly appreciate ...
  2. Dont feel ashamed. Many of us have been at the same place as you are now. :)

    You should stay completely abstinent brother! Often sex and porn addiction go hand in hand. To be able to break completely free of all your addictive behaviors you must stop with unhealthy lifestyle choices - forever. Meaning, you should not pay for sex or get into "sex only" relationships as well as stay complete away from porn and masturbation. Sex and porn should have a much lower priority in your life. The less important it is to you the easier it is to get them under control. :)
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    Do not be too hard on yourself, you are not alone! Every day is a new day, you have to tell yourself that you have the power to say enough is enough. You are not a bad person, and you are not going through this alone :)
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