(Ask stupid questions) To polish human experience means to not shy away from the process of learning

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    After roughly more than 5 years of failure and progress in this self-improvement business, I've built quite the repertoire. After writing obnoxious amounts about what bothered me about my own thoughts and journaling on challenging aspects of my personality, it became second nature to enjoy reading and digesting this type of content.

    By saying that I mean that I'm actually doing a favor to myself by helping you guys out with specific questions. I love thinking in an organized manner when in the need of polishing aspects of human experience.

    I'll digress from here so, ask away.
  2. Just share what you have discovered as if we were your deepest friend. not for any other reason.

    We are just here to understand what's true.
    We are just here to be aware of illusion

    So i'am listening to you
  3. "Watch your habits, they become character."
    That hit me, yikes.

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