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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Loko24, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. Loko24

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    hello friends, I have suffered from PIED for 4-5 years. do I have to stop mastrubation and porn? or can you mastrub without porn? so that you can see success.

    II lasted for 34 days this year and then relapsed every 7 days :( I also had contact with a girl for a long time (no sex). but canceled it because I was afraid of failing. I'll be 25 soon and I'm desperate for what else I can do. I might want to see a therapist someday.

    maybe you have a few tips on how I can keep up the 60-90 days
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  2. everydayitgetseasier

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    The worst the PIED, the longer the reboot as it goes, so trust the process and have faith during the flatline, because depending on how bad you were it will last longer. Avoiding sex and continuing hardmode will probably be the best thing for you to get the fastest recovery from my understanding (but I haven't had sex since starting nofap so can't really give the proof firsthand, I do now get strong morning wood most days now though). If you historically masturbate in bed, which I used to do, one thing that I think was instrumental for me was giving myself a strict rule to not do ANYTHING in bed except sleep, no naps even, nap on the ground if you need to. I also did this because I would waste hours a day on my phone in my bed watching youtube and reddit and other social media, but I think chiefly it ensured my nofap success (so far >6 months).
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    I suffered with PIED for a long time, but ultimately I believe a degree of abstinence from both is best for a while, you will find that masturbation isn't so good without porn anyway and likely lead to the chaser effect, so be aware of that if you do carry on masturbating. I didn't have some great length of abstinence that lead to it curing it though, for I don't remember when, but I imagine after years of cutting down I could get erect, but it turned in to AIED (Anxiety Induced ED) for like yourself I only worried at every sexual encounter. I say cut out porn and masturabtion, and then learn to relax (easier said than done I know) and be calm in the moment. It can lead to seeking porn again if you worry whether you will ever had a working penis again, but I assure you that you will, it will just take time, patience and a healthy outlook upon a sexual encounter.
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    4-5 years is quite a long time to recover from PIED, what's frustrating you most right now?

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