Asked her out today. Does this mean no?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by jipsikid, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Trying to figure out women. Sheesh.

    Is your name by any chance Sisyphus? :) All in good spirits!

    Seriously, 50-50 at best. If she were really into you...IMO...this my not apply to all women, so keep the flame alive...but most of the times...she would've been ecstatic then would've excused herself for not being able to go out with you right then and there.
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    Some people may actually be at work, that's how life works :). Not all women want to / can have everything handed down to them on a silver platter. If you are a devout of the "red pill", you probably haven't seen one of those rare unicorns yet and I am not going to try to convince you they exist. I know they are rare, and if you live in the West...well, rarer.

    That being said, her response is not encouraging, see my reply above.

    In the end, you may be right. I would never bet my head on it, though. I don't like the infinitesimal chance of having my head chopped off. TS shouldn't invest too much optimism in this.
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    Edgy and based are not necessarily the same.
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    While I don't like the language and don't agree with it, many women are of a low enough quality that they self-qualify/-degrade themselves to perfectly fit this description. No one else to blame then themselves.

    IMO, being horny and watching porn doesn't have so much to do with how someone views women. Most of the addicts couldn't even look one in their eyes. Is anything, we are good at compartmentalizing our lives. Sure, in the end, we are degrading women, but I doubt that's the reason behind 80% of the guys that jerk themselves off silly to pixels.

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