ASMR, is it bad?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by tIoD, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. tIoD

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    Hello community!
    I watch ASMR videos for almost 3 years now. This become part of my daily routine, I watch videos everyday (If I don't listen to music, I listen to ASMR videos). It really works, gives me tingles and helps me to fall asleep, I really enjoy them. I don't watch videos, because there are some triggering ones, boobs and stuff (Trick to gain more views I guess), only listen. I am rebooting and trying to avoid literally any triggering shit on internet. But during this reboot process, as I watched ASMR videos, some things started to float on surface. I mean, ASMR has the exact nature as Porn, it makes you seek better and weirder material to give you tingles. As I lost tolerance to arousing stuff during rebooting process (that means little things can arouse me, boobs, kiss, even bitchy face), ASMR started to give me erections. Erection means dopamine kick, dopamine kick means that something artificial is arousing me, AGAIN!
    Before posting this I read some posts about ASMR and one guy said it eventually leads to relapse. I dunno, should I stop watching those videos? Or should I give myself this pleasure? It's really good, but what if it's linked to Porn pathways in my brain? What if it can make me fucked up again?
    Sorry for my english, I tried my best xD.
    Share your ideas about it.
  2. SirErnest

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    As with all (probably) Northern Europeans that apologise for their English (thanks), you are doing superbly. Really. And the ASMR seems a nice vibe. I remember falling asleep as a baby when my mum was ironing clothes. It's nice. But real life is better. Don't forget.
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  3. Hiker

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    try watching Bob Ross, he is the unintentional founder and KING of ASMR. Soo peaceful :)
  4. lamstronger

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    I listen to ASMR too and I don't think it is bad at all!
  5. Air0

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    Yeah me too. Just try your best to avoid the triggering stuff.
  6. lamstronger

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    I watch asmr on youtube, I have a couple of asmrtists I like. Theyre women respecting themselves and its not triggering at all
  7. For me it's a P-sub, it's like soft-core porn. Once I found it, I saw that there were hot girls in sexy outfits, talking in sexy voices. I have to stay away from it

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