Asperger's and PMO

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    Has anyone else been diagnosed with ASD and struggled with PMO addiction? My therapist and I have come to a conclusion that part of my problem may be that I'm just slightly on the autism spectrum. People with ASD lack coping skills when they are stressed or over-stimulated, so PMO would make a lot of sense as a coping mechanism. Just curious if anyone else has had a similar story.
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    Anxiety and depression, like many I guess, whatever mental symptoms you are struggling with, it all comes down to imbalances in the nervous system which masturbation to pornography will cause. The type of stress that induces mental disorders is caused or worsened by excitatory neurotransmitters inflaming nervous tissue. Masturbating absolutely stresses the autonomic nervous system in the long run. The more frequent it is done the likelier it becomes for a person to start suffering from mental disorders.

    Remember this: dopamine excites the next neuron. It is capable of literally frying a neuron. It is structurally very similar to adrenalin, a stress hormone, in fact, it's its precursor. When you release dopamine into your system, you automatically release cortisol too, which is another stress hormone, inflammatory as well. It's the inflammation of the nerves that will leave you with too little serotonin to be mentally well. The brain in this case tries to compensate by keeping you high on dopamine, which implies necessity and therefore addiction. Key words here are of course frequency and duration. Masturbating once in your life or a year isn't going to be too much of a deal if you are not yet addicted. Do it every day or every week though, and you get a completely different picture. To make matters worse pornography will often lead to edging, in which case the addict extends the pleasurable feelings for as long as possible, then climaxes.

    Doctors or therapists are completely wrong should they tell you masturbation is healthly. Sigmund Freud linked it, masturbation specifically, to neurasthenia in his days. His work has been revered in the field of psychology yet is often frowned upon by doctors nowadays. One thing is for sure the excitatory hormones released during masturbation (especially to porn) can disable the stuff you need to remain mentally stable. It's what addiction is all about. A person often keeps engaging in a harmful behavior to prevent physical or psychological discomfort. Stress has everything to do with it and it's the stress hormones you release during masturbation which will do what they are structurally designed to do, which is to distress you.
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  3. Yes, but no doctor ever asked about pornography use.

    Since Jesus healed me from PMO, all symptoms vanished and I'm a normal person, functioning well in social environments.
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