Astral Projection (OBE) is just an Imagination or Really Possible?!

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    Between your spirit and physical body, there is an intermediate body known as the astral body. It is lighter, more changeable than the physical body. But the star has more form and density than the pure spirit. Each person's astral body is most recognizable, as is the human condition, but it can also change appearance, shapes and do funny things, such as moving through walls. The world of the Astral is much less dense and more fluid than the physical world. Travel in the astral is not bound by the constraints of time and space. You can visit different dimensions, travel to your past or future experiences with For many people, such travel allows them to communicate with deceased loved ones
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  2. You can...if the drug is strong. :emoji_laughing: On a serious note, no, it's not real.
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    That's so so wrong...if anything you are on your most vulnerable condition.
  4. I did that when I was like 10 with my buddies, probably not real but it was worth it

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