At My Rope's End

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by adpax10, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Alex and I've been addicted to porn w/ or w/o masturbation and/or edging since I was 11 years old. Some additional background though: I am a 29 year old Male with very few sexual partners in my past and have been on a dry spell for the better part of the year. It has been slowly, but surely, aiding in my spiraling downward into temporary bouts of depression, social anxiety, and a significant decrease in self-worth and of the value of the people around me.

    I have been consciously attempting NoFap (Reddit) for the past 5 years actively, but have never seen a streak of anything past 12 consecutive days. Usually, my streaks run about an average of 4-6 days and my current goal is to make 30 days. In the past, I have tried almost every technique, mind trick, and physical limiter I could find: porn blockers for all my devices with randomly generated passwords given to close confidants, literally restricting my access to electronic devices for some days at a time (but technology is everywhere and I am in IT), daily meditation (something that actually has helped me immensely with many facets of my life), self-affirmation, etc.

    So far nothing has worked, persistent hopelessness and negative thoughts creep in, and I am at my proverbial rope's end. If anyone would like to know more, has any questions for me, or (most hopefully) any advice that might ring true with someone of my particular circumstance, please feel free to message me or add to this post.

    Thank you so much for any future encouragement and assistance. You all are doing, what I believe, a very very great thing here.

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    Welcome! Congrats on 9 days!

    Don't get discouraged; the fight itself brings improvement in virtue.

    Let me know if I can help.
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    Thank you for your words. Things are going well so far. Whenever I get into a mental struggle and I desire relief, I just go out and get myself involved in something else completely unrelated to electronic media. Seems to be helping a ton.
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