Atheists, God and the afterlife.

A group for members of all religions, or no religion at all, to talk about religion

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    Don't worry, I make my own. Where do you get yours?
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  2. I think I heard that protons can literally pop up out of nowhere. It might be neutrons. Fuck if I know haha.
  3. Sam's club. Can I have some of yours? Actually, can I borrow some sugar?
  4. The problems with the Middle East were caused by meddling from foreign countries. Uncle Sam went in and killed Gaddafi and destabilized all of Libya. It's a fucking shit hole. They destroy what civilization that exists over there and let much worse regimes take over. Same thing with Iraq. "Oh, they have weapons of mass destruction, we're going over." Ten fucking years later " they're there, we promise. They're just hidden. Must be some kind of wizardry. While we're over here though, might as well siphon some fucking oil. Oh, we're liberating the people of Iraq, because we very much give a shit. We're gonna kill Saddam and let all these terrorists organizations rise up and make it even fucking worse than it was before. You're welcome."
    Dinosaur fossils were put here to test our faith... :emoji_thumbsup:
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  5. That would be virtual particles, they exist then they don't, then they exist again lol.

    Quantum physics seems like magic, but I think its our lack of understanding of it that makes it seem so.
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    What do you mean by that? The existence of dinosaurs is definitely not contradictory to the Bible, if that's what you're getting at.

    It's funny to me that you can accept that it's just our lack of understanding that makes quantum physics appear like magic and seem impossible, but you think I'm insane for accepting the exact same thing about God. If you don't want to accept that about God, that's fine. That's your choice, and nobody is forcing you. But you could be more understanding and less judgemental toward people who have faith.
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  7. I think I should explain briefly why what you just said makes no sense.

    Quantum physics, dark matter and dark energy are the biggest mysteries of science, yet the reason we know these things are real is because they are measurable. We can see their effects, we can study them, therefore we know they are there.

    God is unmeasurable, undetectable in every sense. There is no logical explanation as to why and how can such a powerful eternal being can exist. You religious ppl demand that all things must have a creator, but where is god's creator? Who made him?

    Your faith falls flat on its own face and all I can think of is hypocricy.
  8. The religious claim that everything in nature/physical universe must have a creator. The reason for why the "who created God" argument doesn't work in relation to God is for the same reason for why God is immeasurable; it's because God is a spiritual being and therefore supernatural. This means God exists beyond the laws of natural things within the physical universe, hence why God wouldn't need to have a creator.
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    So, things that cannot be measured don't exist?

    What about the dreams of entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses and products? If you put all your trust in measurable data, you'll lose perspective, vision and endless possibilities that dreams can lead to. Those dreams lead investors and entrepreneurs to take risks and strive for success from those risks. How are those dreams and desires measured? Or do they just not exist?

    What about love? How do you measure love? Can you say accurately that I'm 37% in love with someone, or does love just not exist either?

    Faith-driven aspects don't apply to religion alone. It applies to the execution of ideas in general. It's about taking risks. Think about entrepreneurs, investors and inventors; many of them had the measurable odds stacked against them, but they still believed; some were even successful. Having faith does not make you stupid and close-minded; in fact, faith requires you to be open-minded even in uncomfortable circumstances.

    I know God exists. I see His love and His work everywhere I go. I feel His presence when everyone else during my deepest, most isolated times. I have peace of mind now, and my faith helps me in even my toughest trials. I cannot deny any of the blessings I've received because I know they were meant for building me up and making me better.

    So, if my faith in God, or others' faith in God offends you? I'm sorry. Truly. However, we've received a witness of His miracles; ones we cannot just deny. Ones we just KNOW were meant for our betterment. Having a personal relationship with God is perhaps one of the most beautiful things one can have.

    As for who created God? We will find out in the next world, as it does not directly impact us. My belief, however, is God put us into families for happiness. We gain happiness from family, whether it's parents, siblings or spouses. I also know that God is happiness, and God wants us to one day have what He has. Families are important to God; the first commandment he gave to Adam and Eve after expelled from the Garden was to start a family. I believe in "what God was, man is, and what God is, man will be", and with that, I do believe God did have parents too.
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    Here is a fact based on your own logic, "nobody has any scientific proof that dark matter exist or any ability to measure it no matter of what some scientist believe we have not been there we have not touched it, its all theory."
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    Woo! Couldn't have said it better. Although I don't think you should apologize for your faith being offensive to someone. That's their own issue to work through, not anything you've done wrong. There's no need for anyone to be offended by someone's personal belief, or disbelief, on God, unless they are being rude and pushy about it.
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    Guys let's try and be respectful towards other people's belief systems. There's no need to call them fairy tales.
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  13. Damn, I think she's got you on that one buddy.
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  14. I'm just joking haha. Please don't hate me. :( It's just a Bill Hicks joke. It's really for people that think the world is 12,000 fucking years old.
  15. You have to admit, she has a point. I mean, I think the main problem is that the Christian faith comes off as so lackluster when it comes to science, at least the main majority of Christians. Then you have Christians like CassTeaElle who are actually a little smarter than the average one and actually try to bring logic to it, instead of saying SCIENCE IS THE DEVIL, OBEY GOD, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS. I mean, I'm no Christian, but I do believe there's something out there. Maybe not. I do know there are things that we can't explain. Where do you stand on reincarnation? I heard a theory about multiple universes that goes like this; maybe when you die, you go to another universe where you're already in it and you just start off from there. Sounds crazy, but everything is fucking crazy. The way I see it is, we have consciousness. We don't know what the fuck it is, but it's there. I look at it as some sort of energy, and like you said, energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred. Something to think about.
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  16. Will you be my pet? I will feed you crickets and field mice if you'll just be mine.
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    Ah, gotcha. Lol I don't hate you. I wasn't mad or anything, I just didn't understand what you meant.
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  18. @RainbowShell If god was real and I would believe there is no god, would he punish me? Maybe he would do that, so I should believe in him to make sure I won't be punished.

    For someone who doesn't believe in god, because he can't see evidence for it and that's what it would take for him to believe, that conclusion cannot work. I could say that there is someone called the bananaslaughterer, if you don't believe in him he will throw bananas at you for eternity, once you're dead (assuming there is afterlife). So should I better believe in the bananaslaughterer, because there is no evidence that there is no bananaslaughterer? I think not.

    Also atheists don't believe in afterlife, so in their reality there won't be judgement after they're dead. The subjective reality of an atheist and a believer ist different in the case of there being some higher instance.

    I'm not an atheist by the way, that's just how I think one would argue.
  19. Wow that explains absolutely everything!!! Duuuhhhhh!!! Thanks!!!!
  20. (So, things that cannot be measured don't exist?)

    Not exactly, things that cannot be measured are assumed to not be there until proven otherwise.

    (What about the dreams of entrepreneurs when setting up their businesses and products? If you put all your trust in measurable data, you'll lose perspective, vision and endless possibilities that dreams can lead to. Those dreams lead investors and entrepreneurs to take risks and strive for success from those risks. How are those dreams and desires measured? Or do they just not exist?)

    That is the law of probability. I have x percent chance of success versus y chance of failure, so I make a bet to see if I get lucky. However, these things are measurable through statistics.

    (What about love? How do you measure love? Can you say accurately that I'm 37% in love with someone, or does love just not exist either?)

    Studies have been done where subjects who are in love have noticeable brain activities related to it, you can also see how a person's personality changes or differs when they love.

    But people can also love fictional things or objects, for instance, people weep when a character in a movie or an animation dies, does that mean the character is real? No, because emotions are subjective.

    (Faith-driven aspects don't apply to religion alone.)

    Yes it does, people don't invest blindly into business, they have to be convinced the outcome is going to be beneficial. In religion you can worship a god that doesnt ever speak to you and still you believe in all because faith holds on a belief against all logic and reason.

    Your religion doesn't offend me, I just find it ridiculous.
    No offence

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