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    This is so wrong again .... Please don't claim something about someone when it is wrong.
    Muslim take Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael as great prophets and messengers. It's just when Muhammad(peace be upon him) became a messenger the jews/israelites didn't accept this. Because Muhammad(peace be upon him) is in the lineage of Ishmael whom the jews/isrealites don't consider as "the rightful birthmark".

    We muslim acknowlegde the Torah(given to Musa/Moses) and the Injiel(given to Isa/Jesus) and believe and acknowlegde Jesus(son of Maria), Moses, Abraham, father of Isaac and Ishmael. From Isaac we get Jacob, who had 12 sons. Yoseph and the other 11 who became the known 12 tribes of Isrealites. From Ishmael we get the arab. From Ishmael we get our beloved prophet Muhammed(peace be upon him).

    Once again, please investigate and only inform with evidence and truth
  2. Thanks. I'll have a read.
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    God lives.
    God created all things, including you and me.
    God loves us all.

    These things and all things shall be known in a future day :)
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    Hmm, a 2000+-year-old fairytale book made by people living in straw and sand houses, changing whenever it is translated. Or ever-changing scientific development based off logic and factual evidence.
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    It was a question to atheists, about the what if God is real. To me he is real of course but The question was what their thoughts was if they where wrong and he really is real, cause I was interested in their thoughts on the matter. Was not meant to become a thread about arguing about if he is real or not but in the end people never stayed on topic, started by people just insulting and evading the question, joking around and so forth, a few people answered and some apologized for being rude but then it all fell from there.
  7. I dont agree that God chooses mercy above justice. He has both.
  8. Dude, this really is the most pointless argument there is. Nobody is gonna change anyones mind. If anything people are gonna piss each other off. We all have our beliefs. It's just that when someone else believes in something that we absolutely cannot understand, we have to ask these questions, but it's not gonna change anything. I honestly don't understand how people believe in the bible in any way shape or form, but they're gonna believe in it regardless. Live and let live I suppose.
  9. Yeah, I know. I was just giving my opinion.

    Well, the Bible says that God is good and perfect. Justice is a good thing, as is mercy. So if God is perfect, I would imagine He has the perfect balance between the two and probably does not value one over the other.

    I agree.

    I'm not well versed enough on that particular thing to comment. I would want to see what studies were done to conclude that the sun is older than the earth. But there are a lot of things that make perfect sense about the genesis story, so I would implore you to do your research. Especially if you dont consider the days to be a literal seven days.

    Also, people talk about the "big bang" or an explosion of some kind. Sounds pretty much like Genesis to me... God said "let there be light" and BOOM! There it was.

    Because the Quran is not the word of God. Its a man-made book, created by one man and backed up by nobody but that one man. Anyone should be skeptical of such a message. Why would God need to create some new book with new rules or commands or whatever, years and years later, and if He did, why would He give that message to one man alone and not confirm it through anyone else?

    Again, I really really dont want to get into an Islam debate here. I have very strong opinions on the matter, and they are opinions that could easily get me banned from the site.

    Why is his question pointless? I dont see it that way at all. Asking questions and trying your best to discover truth is never pointless. I dont think you should discourage people from doing so. We've been having a very respectful conversation here, nobody is pissed off. And hes not trying to change anyone's mind, hes asking a question.
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  10. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from asking questions. I literally just gave my opinion on the subject. I believe it's pointless because I've had this "debate" with many people and it never once answered any questions and the results were literally the same. Sometimes people will get angry and start name calling because they don't understand and ironically it's usually the atheists that do so.
  11. Yeah I never said you were. I meant in general nobody here is gonna get their mind changed. I wasn't discouraging questions and I wasn't talking about anyone specifically. Just gave my opinion, but I think I'm gonna stop doing that for certain topics because people will read more than what's there. You guys have fun. :D Also, aliens built the Pyramids. :emoji_alien:
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    I’m Jewish, Religion the way I look at it is controlled my human beings and if it’s true there’s a god, God Looks at this world and says hey men I didn’t give you all these rules baundries, some humans made up their own things, I’m someone who’s pretty much confused, but I have no much guilt these days, I believe someone brought me to this world, there is someone that created all this, but does he really do everything? Did he make me pick up the prostitute one Saturday (Shabbat) ? Does he love most the Jews? Is he raises???? Something doesn’t make sense with Judaism I grew up with, I think all religions have their own sh.. coming with it, said calmly,
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    sorry im just posting to see my counter
    but yeah i don't believe that god exists
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    The important thing is believe...If u believe in GOD, u need to be a proper devotee, the one who prays to him not for your own needs and do as HE said like feeds the poor or help other person. if u don't, then u fail to be a devotee. If u are an atheist and u try to prove there is no god by humiliating him or other people who have faith in HIM, the you fail to be a proper soul. let everyone walk in their own believe because the believe is what sets a person in his path but i didn't mean all beliefs. some people still believe climate change is not real :), let's set those people apart.

    nowdays, religion has been converted from knowledge into a tool by rich and powerful people for their own gain. every religion tell us to love and show our compassion and caring to other people. let we not indulge in to war
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    I have been through the religion mill and those who say, ‘if you worship god and he doesn’t exist then the worse thing that could happen is that you forgo some pleasures in life’ really do not understand the impact of organised religion on individuals or the world stage.

    If god exists then he must be appalled by the atrocities and injustices undertaken in his name.

    When two nations go to war and both claim his protection then how can he fairly judge an individual?

    My mother was a devout Catholic but when I was older I joined a Pentecostal church, one of the teachings; Catholics pray to Mary, the only way to heaven is through Jesus, therefore my mother would be going to hell... sorry if one as devout as my mother is cursed to hell then there is no hope for anyone.

    So what has organised religion taught me?

    There is only one god and the way to heaven is like an eternal game of Russian Roulette, you better hope when you pull the trigger that you’ve backed the right god.

    You can live an upright life without religion, treat others as you would like to be treated however if you’re a masochist this may not be the best advice.

    I want to change my porn habit because I know that for me it is harmful, it affects my wellbeing and impacts on my relationships, perhaps there is a smattering of Catholic guilt, I don’t know but at the end of the day it has nothing to do with wanting to please a higher being.

    That’s my rant, thanks for listening.
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    i love spirituality, something beyond matter and most of religions BUT at the end i'm an atheist and i don't like being one!! when using my mind i can't accept any religion, i think faith is something blind u can't teach faith to others because it must be in u, u don't need to believe in Gravity we can feel it and we can't deny it but when we get to religion and faith it is not possible, u can't prove religion nor god nor anything metaphysical, u just have to believe and faith is something that u can't ask question about it and i can't accept it even though i like it's concept!
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  17. I agree with a lot what you said but I would disagree about not asking questions. Jesus seemed to imply that we should ask questions. There are several places in the Bible where God is questioned.
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    I was at this same stage. I was born as a Catholic, if there is a way can be born as anything except human being. You know what I mean. I was raised in Catholic family. Everything was good. Only my grandma was practising and going to church every sunday. Rest of the family didn't care that much. For them it was important to believe in God and be a good person. At one point I thought: "where are you, God?". And I couldn't find the answer for that question. During my conversation with a friend we come up with an idea that there are some clues, which are indicating that God exists for example Bible, wonders, life itself etc. Then there was a time I didn't believe in anything. I was happy to accept the reality as I saw it without any further spiritual content. I also felt I was missing something. But I couldn't find the answer in the church, which I tried few times. I came across two women in England. They told about Nichiren Buddhism and I promised myself I will try. I never regret that decision. I think everybody can find a religion that is just perfect for him and his beliefs. And what are mine? Science, concrete evidence, facts. I tested it and I am happy to practise it and improve my life through it. I feel about in the same way I feel about Gravity. I don't exactly know how it works, yet I can see the results of it.
  19. Sorry man but it looks Christianity is true and that Jesus is the only way to the heaven and the sole author of eternal salvation. I was a skeptic too but I looked into it and it looks like Christianity is true... I mean there are still a ton of unanswered questions that no one can seem to answer but it looks like Christ is the only way to heaven. It's either He was crazy, He was lying, or He was God and given the success of the Christian movement against all odds, I think it's safe to say that it's true.
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