Atheists, God and the afterlife.

A group for members of all religions, or no religion at all, to talk about religion

  1. They said there's no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole
  2. I believe there's heaven for an atheist
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    In a way I guess that's kinda what it is? I think for us it is based off of society but I could be wrong. Like for instance you have the standard things like obviously assault, murder, stealing, etc are considered wrong and are punishable by law, but if there were no such laws people would be doing it because there would be no consequences.

    Even if such things were suddenly acceptable I would still not do such acts as it goes against my morals and it would be wrong, maybe for other Atheists it's personal experience and how they're raised? Maybe it is based on what we're taught what is right or wrong, but for me even before I was taught such things were bad to do I still never did things like stealing because I believed it to be wrong. Sorry if I'm rambling and hopefully I make a bit of sense, if not I can try to clarify better. lol

    No offense taken! I don't understand religion and probably never will, but I agree that nothing comes out of nowhere. I believe a lot of Atheists have given people like me a bad name, because while I don't believe in God I don't try to disprove anything to do with religion, I'm not sure why a lot of them seem dead set on trying to destroy it or ruin people's lives.

    I guess in a way you can say it's form of ignorance, but say if God reached out and showed himself in whatever form he chose to reveal, whether I believed it or not I think it comes down to that it wouldn't make a difference to me in my life. I wouldn't suddenly turn to religion or anything, but I think it would be a pretty cool thing to see, I'm not religious though so I don't think or experience things like you guys do so it's hard to translate what I feel as an Atheist.

    Hopefully that was sufficient or understandable, I normally don't think about this stuff much. It's probably full of holes or contradictory in some way but that's just how I think!
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  4. What if you heard God talking to you then would you believe in God or think that you are just crazy
  5. That would make religion vain if you are right and God don't exist
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    Again, I'm not making fun of or insulting religion, but honestly considering I already have a mental illness I would probably think I was maybe a schizophrenic? I really don't know, I've never had such a thing happen to me before.

    But that's just my belief though, it doesn't mean something isn't true.
  7. I know people say seeing is believing but nobody ever seen God yet why do they still believe I think because they want to believe all about faith and maybe you are atheist because you don't want to believe God exists like you said it was your choosing you didn't need him
  8. I know people with mental illness don't believe in God either but it's not there fault that they are mentally ill
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    I don't think it's because I don't want to believe he's real, as I literally just never believed or was interested in religion in the first place, it probably sounds weird to someone that's religious.
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    Just so you know, I am capable of my own thought and my own beliefs, so mental illness doesn't have anything to do with me being an Atheist if that's what you mean.
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  11. Is mental illness a disability??
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    It depends on the illness but yes, they can be a disability in one form or the other. I think we're getting off track from OP with these topics though. :/
  13. You were not born mental ill right it happens over time anything can cause it I know you never cared for religion or God in the first place so I know mental illness ain't the factor

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  15. Oh sorry yup right .. so atheist just live like other people right besides the religious part is this true or am I wrong??
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    You can be born mentally ill. Some mental illnesses occur even as the brain develops, while others manifest themselves at later stages, such as dementia/Alzheimer's.
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    Why did you quote me? o_O

    Unfortunately I was born with one but it manifested and got worse the older I got, but that still to me doesn't affect my beliefs as I am still me.
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  18. Thanks for the correction I did not know this
  19. @Sarah Walker well what about plans do you believe in just going with the flow of life or planning for future goals. Karma and fate destiny do you believe in any of this or no? It's has nothing to do with God just your thoughts.
  20. And do you think the world would be better if they we no religion and no one believe in God if the world was all atheist what would you think ?

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