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  1. In addition to the ''Spartan workout military academy'' which I consider as enough successful as to open another one.. Welcome . This is a place where people study. It is like library. It is like University . It is academy .

    Today is 31.03.20 and I encourage people to use this thread as accountability to their learning . You can be learning anything .

    Personally I learn : Law and French . I have a future desire to go deeper in the study of English but this is not on my radar just right now . I am not very good in French, I know basic things but I am moving step by step. As I like to joke, I am ''merci'' level .

    Suggestion what you can be learning: All form of arts( music, painting), coding, everything, academics, books in general. This is the contrary of the workout thing, here we work for the brain . I read a lot of books, but since now I read a whole lot of Law books, others will wait .

    Here, it is a lot of freedom, what everyone like, but..

    Accountability and consistency is a must .

    It is beautiful distraction.. of the wrong distraction..

    So.. Be in good spirits to join .
  2. Today I worked on academics 5 hours
    and on French- an hour .
  3. L- 3.30

    I am looking forward to people opinion on how to enhance brain rest . Nutrition, activity, specific sleep, items .. anything which can be of use . I wake up fresh, just if a lil bit fresher will be beautiful ?
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  4. I personally use only specific sleep and nutrition. Nutrition not so much to say because I found it on specialized site so it's something everybody can search.
    For me good sleep is prepared.If I want to watch it I allow myself to watch television up to 9 PM..
    Then I meditate about the day passed and the one that will came, I read a book until 11 PM, then I do my relax "moment to enanche the sleep, and everytime I sleep very good always between 6 55- 7 05 am
  5. Anyway Two main subject to me:
    Chemical Engineering(university)
    Programming(for future work)

    Today: 6 hrs of CE
  6. L like all day cause wasn't in a hurry . F 30 minutes.
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  7. CE in the morning(3.5 hrs)
    PR in the afternoon(3 hrs)
  8. Yeah i always aim to do similar separation.
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  9. It is the best, I don't think it's good to switch from subjects so different in no time, I need a break.
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  10. Did almost the whole day .. L...
    Now I am good with the sent work for the next week for quarantine ( for know they can send new, but I am 3-4 days ahead either way )
    Now, I can concentrate on learning extra on my own .
    F- I will listen to a song 3-4 times, with the lyrics written in my notebook .
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  11. So was an easy day
    CE 2
    PR 2
    But maybe because I knew I would used less time, programming went really good
  12. L- 3,30 .
    F- 1 (but in advance, cause I will work later and not come in to check it )
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  13. L 2,30
    F 1

    From tomorrow I will count 45 minutes study, 15 minutes rest as an hour. Till know it was all the time- full .
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