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  1. Welcome on board my friend ;), always a pleasure :)
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  2. Today
    C - 80min
    L - 3 hours, but perhaps it is longer as I tried to write, I will try to go to 5 hours for today.

    OK! I installed a timer to PC. It will be much easier right now to count my studying time as I almost from 8 AM until 8:30 PM turn off my phone.
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  3. C=5:45
    Now to capture my studying time I am using a timer on my laptop. I will try to reach 6 hours daily excluding breaks.
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  4. CE=5
    Gaining momentum again ;)
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  5. C=1:10
    L>2 (but only writing)
    and then had to do worthless stuff for school.:/
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  6. chris555

    chris555 Fapstronaut

    Haven't been doing much of anything lately I need to kick my but in to gear and star posting here a lot more.
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  7. C=1:23
    Ok. My mistake. But tomorrow I will show you my real power. One day I will be such a hard worker like our fighter.
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  8. C=1:15
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  9. This is actually a high IQ thread. I regret not reading it sooner.

    Since you said we can be learning "anything," I will include instruments.

    Played the pipes today, 1 hr.
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  10. The Highlight

    The Highlight Fapstronaut

    This is the thread which I am looking for. Finally I found this. From today onward I will post my learning time regularly.
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  11. @FellatiousD great pal ;) It is a pleasure that you join Athens Academy!
    @The Highlight Indeed, this is really great thread! I will do today everything to achieve 6 hours studying excluding breaks! I am happy that you join us too buddy!
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  12. The Highlight

    The Highlight Fapstronaut

    Thankyou so much.
    Yesterday I studied 6.5 hour
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