Attempting to abstain now for over a year.. It's difficult.

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    Hello there fellow fapstronauts! I thought I'd introduce myself so that you can know who I am and maybe we can have a conversation about the impact of NoFap in our lives and how it has affected our relationships with women, family, and health. Personally, I can attest to the power of this magnificent movement and what it feels like to be clean for a time.
    I am a straight 17 year old male living in the United States and my first time being involved with PMO (abbreviations are to aid easily triggered users) was in my early preteen years. It is absolutely baffling to ponder now how long this struggle has been going on in my life and in my mind. For years I believed that it was perfectly normal, healthy, and even GOOD to M to P and achieve an O. I can vividly remember doing it just to save myself the embarrassment of getting a random erection in public. I can recall wasting away days and nights, minutes and hours watching P. There would be days where I would wake up and do nothing but consume P until the late A.M. when I was tired and felt like going to sleep, a common experience among addicts. I can't personally attest very well to the negative effects of this in my external personality or interactions with others, but internally it was nightmarish.
    I could only ever think about sex, whether that was re-imagining the videos I watched the night before or if it was picturing my classmates sexually, there was a problem. See, in the Catholic faith PMO is considered a grave sin, and I repeatedly found myself relaying the same sins each time I confessed to priest. So not only was my body experiencing the negative effects of PMO addiction, but my spirit was being drained as well. One time in confession the priest asked me if I had heard about an app called 'Victory', which I hadn't but I told him I'd check it out. Little did I know that this app would change my life. If you struggle with PMO, and particularly if you're religious, give it a go. Just saying.
    Anyways, things are still tough. That occasion with the priest happened maybe a year ago now and I can definitively state that the fight has been worth every moment of it since then. My relationships with others have become greatly deepened, I now have the most beautiful, helpful, and interesting girlfriend the world has ever known, and I have become deeply involved in my Catholic faith. Of course I still have setbacks, but I'll never give up. If you are currently struggling as I am, do not give up. The temptations will come, but they will leave eventually. Stay strong!!

    Please hmu if you want to hear more! Good day. :)
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    Cool. Thanks for coming to NoFap. I used to get spontaneous erections, too. It would happen even when I wasn't doing anything remotely sexual. That's part and parcel of going through maturity.
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    Thanks, I know the sexual temptations are much harder to overcome as a teenager or young adult, but I guess that gives me all the more reason to fight them and keep from redeveloping my old habits as I get older. Good luck to you on this journey, brother.

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