Avatar Challenge - 6 Different Progression Paths!

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    Welcome to the Avatar Challenge! By OryxCrstl

    "Sometimes life is like the dark tunnel. You can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving… you will come to a better place." - Uncle Iroh

    When we look back at the past we have our regrets. Let's overcome that.

    Join anytime and start where your current streak is. Challenge is 90 days because IMO first 90 days is harder with extra GOD MODE at 365 days.

    Progression Paths:
    1.) Fire
    2.) Earth (https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/avatar-challenge-earth-progression-path.285930/)
    3.) Water (coming soon)
    4.) Air (coming soon)
    5.) Non Bender (https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/avatar-challenge-non-bender-progression-path.285952/)
    6.) Spirit (coming soon)

    OPTIONAL Feature:
    Checkpoints! When you relapse set your streak back to 0 but you can keep the rank of the farthest checkpoint you got to.

    I am using the challenge to build habits and checkpoints work well for that.

    For example: If you got to fire nation teen then relapse, you can reset to the rank of fire nation boy. You reset to 0 days. Then when you hit 6 days you become fire nation teen again and then continue progressing.


    0-3 Days: Sun Warrior. You prepare for the new age.
    Checkpoint 1: Knowledge
    3-6 Days: Fire Nation Boy. Eager to learn and better yourself.
    6-9 Days: Fire Nation Teen.
    9-12: Fire Nation Swordsman.
    Checkpoint 2: POWER
    12-15: Fire Nation Soldier. You are powering up but with that power new and difficult challenges lie ahead.
    15-18: Fire Nation Admiral.
    18-21: Azula.
    21-25: Ozai.
    Checkpoint 3: WISDOM AND REFORM
    25-30: Ming. You realize that just knowledge and power does not by itself lead to greatness.
    30-37: Angry Zuko
    37-45: Blue Spirit
    45-55: Reformed Zuko
    55-65: Jeong Jeong
    65-70: WHITE LOTUS Jeong Jeong
    70-75: Young Iroh.
    75-80: Imprisoned Iroh
    80-85: Swoll Iroh
    85-90: Wise, Content Uncle Iroh

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