1. Thats awssome dude :D
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  2. Contentful T

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    Lol. A new mode has been coined? I am now entering it..
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  4. ? ? ?

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    I thought it was just me . . .
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  5. ten-eleven-tristar

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    Still broken, but this is what I was planning on uploading. Just had to share.[​IMG]

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  7. Ok. I dont wanna sound like a prick or a spoiled Ass kid. Not trying to be rude in any way. But anyway, why is it taking so long to fix this avatar issue? It has been days. Are the staff usually online and aware of the problems? If you need support or money, ok i'll pay for sure to have this fixed. I can pay. Ok yeah avatar is not the main ideia of this forum yeah, but DAMN. Homies have some cool Ass avatars wich make their profile more Magic and cool and i don't have any... poor me, the new guys. ;(
    So again... not trying to be that prick, but can anyone tell me if this is common here and if someone actually is doing something about it? :)
    Thank you, have an amazing day.:emoji_grin:
  8. Clean Willy

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    This thread is three weeks old, but i don't think they have the staff to sort it out. The founder Alex is too busy and the developer is seldom here. I don't think the other staff have any idea what to do about it. It is piss poor communication. :(
  9. Damn... that totally sucks. :/
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  10. Contentful T

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    I have an idea. Put a pic in your sig and use it as an avatar. If it is bigger, try putting it in a spoiler to be polite and not photo bomb people in threads. They can choose to click the spoiler to reveal and minimize it.

    At least the forum still functions fine otherwise? (I think there might still be an image embedding issue for posting options too...)
  11. Woo hoo avatars fixed!
    Thanks tech support :)
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  12. Rahab

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    I'm glad that it is fixed! I changed my avatar a few seconds ago, good job guys!

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