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    Hello. I wanted to share a little story about why I chose the Avatar I did.

    Most of you have been playing Video Games for quite a while. Who are you kidding? We're the video Game generation. For those who are into shooters, already know where my avatar is from (Call of Duty: Ghosts). I know, most of you despise the Ghost series.

    Here's my personal opinion on the game overall...it's AMAZING! (Better than AW and BO3) Not for it's gameplay value (which is just like any other COD games out there), but I'm talking about the overall presentation of it. Did you see the commercials and marketing campaign for this game? I know. It was a huge disappointment but prior to that, you guys were hyped (don't lie). The Multiplayer was not anything extraordinary. As a matter of fact, it was generic.

    However, within the Multiplayer realm, I would often equip my character with nothing but a Combat Knife and whole bunch of perks (the right combination turns you into a true ghost that can sneak up on ANYONE)

    Anyway, once in a while, I would get consecutive kills to a point where the Juggernaut Maniac streak would be available to me.

    Once equipped, the kills stacked very rapidly. The other team would be frustrated. I would often lead a pack of eager players to the hornet's nest. I was already pretty quick with a regular character, running around with nothing but a knife. However, the JM perk just made my character a bit faster, quicker melees, and take a ton of damage before dying.

    I remember the feeling i would get, whenever I equipped the JM. It was almost as if no player on the server can gun me down. I would zig zag throughout the map and confuse a lot of players. I would misguide players, thinking I was going to enter their camping spot one way but flank them through another entrance. Basically, I was the guy who everyone hated because they were anxious to confront a Maniac. As the game suggests, you can't outrun a Maniac.

    My personality is somewhat like the Maniac. Very extreme, hard to pin down, and very elusive. My Nofap streak began with this mindset; the mindset of what a JM would do in real life. They wouldn't spend time fapping away. They would train their ass off to become steady knife users and constantly run like they were on Speed.

    Well, I know that's a silly story but it's what helps me with my mindset to fight through every time those urges pop up. I don't want to be a Camper, hiding and being a coward (trying to get a perfect score). I want to be the Juggernaut (balls to walls confrontational insanity). The one that other players fear.

    Thank you for your time reading this.

    Please share a story of why you chose the Avatars you have. What significance does it have in regards to your Nofap Journey?
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  2. Generation of gamers FTW!

    My avatar is Gnar form League of Legends. He's basically a cute creature that tuns into monster when angry. Kinda like Hulk. I don't even play him. But I sometimes feel that I can relate to him. I have fluffy, cute side too. It's gentle and kind, compassionate. But I also have a monster inside me. Sometimes the cute side is dominant and monster is sleeping in background. Sometimes it awakes and starts crating chaos and destruction, rage. Sometimes cute me is afraid from it. Sometimes the monster shields and protects cute side from danger while it hides behind his back. Sometimes it comforts cute side. Monster has a good side too. It's reliable and strong. It has value ind principles. But cute, fluffy side can sometimes be cowardly, manipulating and indecisive. It's also very often scared. I don't think one is better than other. They are different. I don't know whether one could even live without other. Fluffy thing would probably die from starvation while monster would self destruct. I don't know which is real me either. Sometimes I don't even know if I am any of those two at all. But what I know is I want them to be friends and work together. That's my biggest struggle, to make sure they stop fighting and live as a team.
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  3. Great post

    Well my avatar is Bruce lee.He has been a huge inspiration for me.As I was growing up I always watched martial arts movies.I would look at Jet li,Jackie Chan also Tony Jaa and old kung fu movies.They would look so cool,calm and collected as martial arts heroes.They were my idols.The one martial artist that I liked the most was bruce lee.I consider him to be the greatest martial artist of all time and he is the grandfather of MMA.Although he died very young,he still accomplished a whole lot.He was never truly tested to his full potential.Some feats he had accomplsihed during his life were superhuman ,godly level.I doubt he ever had time to look at porn and jerk off.He always focused on what made him happy.If bruce lee can do it so can I.Having control over ones mind says a lot.I want to be mentally strong like bruce and I believe that one day I will get there.
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  4. My avatar is currently a picture that I took when vacationing in Hawaii. Peaceful. Serene. Harmonious. Inviting. What I want my life to be all the time.
  5. My avatar is from an anime fate zero (spoilers ahead). I'm order to win bloody war over the holy grail (see avatar),a device supposedly able to grant any wish, heroes from times long past are summoned. Philosophy's of Alexander the great and King Arthur class. But after all the fighting, the grail is revealed to be a fake. No wish could be granted for all the sacrifice. I feel at do the same thing. Running after money and pleasure, but in the end, we will find our "happiness" to be nothing but a fake. It reminds me what is most important in life.
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    Awesome story guys. I was always curious about why people chose the avatars they did and you guys have some interesting stories to share. Keep strong.
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    Hi :)
    We're both yordles
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    My avatar is owl man, (not the earth 3 syndicate own man, the earth one brother of Bruce Wayne).

    I love comics, and owls. A good combination. Plus, the earth one owl man is much cooler looking than his earth 3 counter part.

    owl man earth 3

    owl man earth prime
  9. I thought your avatar was a clone trooper from Star Wars lol
    And my avatar is James Harden. One of my favourite nba players with an amazing beard.

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