Average Joe 90 day challenge: Day 7

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Zblank, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Hey I'm just an average joe who learned about nofap recently and decided to go for the 90 day challenge..

    (31/m former excessive fapper)

    Currently day 7 I feel like I have slightly more energy.
    I edged on the 4th day and some of the porn images have lingered. My brain tells me it'd be best to just rub one out to the porn images and start over but I haven't yet.

    I'm starting to notice women more and I'm spending more time on dating apps
    Considered deleting the apps but haven't in hopes that I meet someone

    No morning wood through the week but that never happens anyway.

    Confidence seems about the same as it did on Day 1. I'm still as quiet and reserved as ever

    Also, a cutie smiled at me yesterday at Starbucks which is uncommon for me. Probably just coincidence

    There you have it, an average but honest review. No changes so far except slightly more energy and slightly more interest in women

    Btw I've never posted here before I'm just doing it in case others are curious of my opinion and also to keep track of what happens

    I'll update next week, wish me luck
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    Good luck.

    Probably edging on the fourth day should put you back at day one, even if you are just average joeing the 90 days, may as well be honest and realistic about it.

    Just some advice, for an easy life during your 90 day reboot/reset you may want to stop looking at dating apps. Looking at loads of images online isn't going to help your urges and also will be scuppering the actual efficacy of doing this process. Don't forget it's not just about 'doing the time' getting 90 days down without pmo, it's about the physical and neurochemistry that's been conditioned and changed during your pmo use. The 90 reset is actually needed to 'undo' these changes, though it could take a lot more time than that.

    All the best.
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