Avicii Died Today

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  1. The hope that things can and will get better is rather naïve, don't you think?
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    It's only naive if you hope things can and will get better by doing nothing.
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    It is exactly what i was talking about at the start. I found like 3 websites that say that he had a porn addiction but finally after some searching i found that it is actually fake.

    I created this post cause i thought the same thing than you when i read the website that you shared but it is fake. Actually it had been said many times but i will repeat it he died of suicide. Rip avicii
  4. The thing is though: Why create a fake news story saying that he died of PMO addiction? It seems kinda trivial to me.
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    lmao people believe anything they read on the internet now a days
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  7. He can't sue because he's dead and people don't sue fake news sites anyway. Just because lots of sites are reporting the story doesn't mean it's true. The question is what kind of sites are reporting it? If a load of fake news sites are reporting the story it doesn't make it true. I'm not saying he didn't have a PMO addiction but all these reports seem to be fabricated... In fact, I've searched 'Avicii porn' on Google and from the first 10 pages, the only site reporting it is Wunderground. There are sites pointing out that it's a parody like this one but no other site is saying that it's true.

    Sounds to me you've been fooled by fake news. It's easily done because it happened to me once... Some of these sites are very tricky.

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    Ok I really want to be clear because i think some people didn't even understood me.

    First , i NEVER said he DIED because of PMO. I just found some websites claiming that he had an addiction to porn and some people told me that it is fake.

    Secondly , i created this post To share with people that didn't know that he died. I never wanted create a thread just to have attention.

    I am sorry if i wasnt clear but english isnt my first language. So i am sorry again but i think some people didn't even read my first again and they are saying that I SAID that he died of pmo.

    " I just hope that this adduction wasn't the cause of his death. Actually we don't know much about his death but i supposed that maybe it was because ofpmo. I mean like pmo had cause him health problems "

    Exactly what i wrote in the beginning so plz read it again to see that i said nothing wrong. And i always used the word : MAYBE

    And the sources i found that are actually fake :


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