Avoid exposure or limit it? (first post)

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DecaThinkDog, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Hello, all, I've been trying to do nofap for a few years now. Most I've ever gone is 2 weeks. I started watching porn when I was 10. Realised a few years ago that it isn't good for you and how pmo has ruined me. There's no way to have a healthy life with pmo.

    I've read quite a few posts anonymously, but I decided to create an account, make a post and see what it's like. Besides, I would like to get some thoughts and opinions on the following issue.

    Do you guys believe that in order to beat an addiction you have to avoid it completely? In this case avoid porn completely (I also waste way too much time on youtube)? I know this might seem really stupid and maybe you should just do whatever gets the job done. However, I'm trying to come up with a specific plan for recovery, and I can't make up my mind.

    If I watch porn, my brain releases loads of dopamine, and even if I stop watching - porn is on my mind all the time. If I try to watch a little bit of youtube, I often go on a binge. However, at the same time I feel like blocking the porn or the youtube videos wouldn't actually be me beating the addiction. Cause then in the future, for example, if I happen to see some sexual content somewhere, I will immediately get the urge to mo. Or will I perhaps not be so easily controlled by my emotions after a certain amount of time of abstaining from all these addictions?

    What do you all think? Should a person completely cut out any exposure to porn and whatever other content their addicted to or limit it to some degree?
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    I'll put it this way bc what i have learned i use this as an example bc they seem very similar, being porn addiction and alcoholism. An alcoholic can go 15 years sober and slip up with one drink and instantly he is an alcoholic again, so one you are an alcoholic you are always one for life, so you have to be sober and alcohol free for the rest of your life. So I think porn addiction is the same, once you become a porn addict you are always one, so yes you have to make a lifetime decision to stay porn free for the rest of your life to be free of porn addiction. I know this might be what alot don't want to hear but is the cold hard truth.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Yeah that's the answer I was leaning to - complete avoidance. I suppose once you decide to look, you've failed in a sense already. Maybe purposefully taking a peak at some erotic content could be compared to taking a sip for an alcoholic.

    In general, I'm thinking I need to try and strengthen my willpower through my every day actions. Too often I take the route of least resistance, and then it's no surprise how easy it is for me to relapse.
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