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  1. Guys i don't know why but my last post was recognized as spam, blocked and is awaiting for moderation. I think an error has occurred
    Can somebody help me?
  2. kropo82

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    It's hard to say without being able to read the post, that's a bit of a Catch22! I had the same thing happen once on a journal post. It turned out I had named one of the porn sites I use to enjoy and that caused the 'awaiting moderation'. I contacted a moderator who explained what had happened and I edited the post to remove the reference and replaced it with something vague.
  3. This is the post, i think there's nothing that can be considered as spam. I also don't know how to contact a moderator... keto.PNG
  4. kropo82

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    That's funny. If you knew how many acres of spam we wade through advertising supplements for that diet you would be amazed.
  5. that's not what i did in that post. The aim is totally different
  6. kropo82

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    Indeed, but do you honestly find it surprising that a spam filter might be triggered by your post?
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  7. yes it makes sense....hope someone can solve it
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    My Journal

    Your post has been approved.

    NoFap Moderation Team
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