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  1. Greetings my brothers and sisters in abstinence.
    The last time I watched porn was over 100 days ago. Two nights out of three, I would lie in bed and masturbate to fantasies of all the cute girls that I knew. I constantly felt guilty about this but I never stopped because I needed a fap to sleep most nights.

    When I began my reboot, my brain reacted to the sudden refusal to fantasise. It cheated me, and fantasised anyway, while I was sleeping. I had a lot of wet dreams early on but my most recent one was just a few nights ago.

    But last night I had a dream that I went on a date with a girl (she's an acquaintance from real life). We were talking and we rode bikes and got food and I was loving it. I was so excited when I woke that I started a dream journal and made it my first entry.
    I think this is awesome because it means my brain is healing from the damage I caused. I don't daydream about meaningless sex or rape anymore, I daydream about coming into my manhood, being romantic, thinking ahead to the days when I'll fall in love. I'm no longer ashamed of my minds dirty secrets because it doesn't have any, the secrets of my mind actually respect and honour females.

    Also, if I'd never started nofap I wouldn't even be remembering my dreams. I very seldom had dreams while I was addicted but I have them all the time these days, and a lot of them are meaningful.

    So my encouragement to you is keep going and you will be amazed at the changes that happen from the inside out.
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    Happy for your success!
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  4. Wow, it is encouraging to read this a time after I wrote it!
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    I think few of us go back and read our earlier entries. It is easy to forget the journey travelled thus far. When you do, you get a very real sense that you have changed as a person. The nuts and bolts of this challenge is usually expressed in the language of stats: so many days, the monthly NoFap challenge threads, trying to beat our pb and setting a new target etc. But the real significant change can only be viewed over time and in retrospect and that is what your entry articulates. It is fantastic (for you, principally, and) for us, to have you as one of the communities success stories. You are an inspiration. :)
  6. Awwwww thanks IGY you too!
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    Lovely . I feel you 100 % and know exactly what your talking about as far as the"benefits" you've mentioned .

    The Truth .
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    Awesome bro..

    What is the must obvious change that you noticed and loved after 100 days of leaving the world of filth?
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    Because your success story made my confidence stronger.
    I'm so happy to see that you could cure this disease at 18.
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    Why not doing it instead of dreaming or fantasizing op?
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    i'm Also 18 and hoping to write a success story soon.
    Really Motivating.
  12. Thanks! :)
    Well, it was a while ago that I posted this story, but what I said about my mind getting cleaner was definitely really good and encouraging.

    I think my general happiness at that point was pretty low. I was pretty depressed and felt a bit purposeless. This was irrespective of NoFap though. You have to be really diligent to keep mentally healthy, which means more than just not fapping.

    Awesome! I feel pretty great to have done this while still young and relatively carefree.

    Good question! ;)

    I'm not aiming to enter a relationship anytime though. I'd rather grow up a bit first. And just to be clear, I don't deliberately initiate romantic fantasies. They are nice and everything, but I do try to stay in the present.

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