Ayurveda, ancient knowledge on what semen actually is and how it is produced from food through diges

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  1. It took me months of reading into yoga/hindu stuff to discover this, because well, internet is full of false information hyped all over the place... you have to know what you're looking for sometimes, and often many real and advanced topics are simply not covered. Anyway, let's get into it :) It's a really cool explanation!

    We eat food.
    1) From the best food, chyle is made (bodily juices/oils)
    2) From the best chyle, blood is made
    3) From the best blood, flesh is made (skin, muscles, etc.)
    4) From the best flesh, hard flesh is made (ligaments, tendons, etc.)
    5) From the best hard flesh, bone is made
    6) From the best bone, bone marrow is made
    7) From the best bone marrow, semen is made [NOT what you call semen, not what males ejaculate, NOT sexual fluid]

    Here the final product of food digestion is semen in a subtle form present in all the cells of the body. It provides the cells with vital nutrients and juices that help it function and strengthen it.

    Lustful impulses, as little as a lustful thought, immediatly this semen is released in the bloodstream. Among many chemicals such as dopamine and 'sexual' chain reactions in the body are started. The semen then goes in prostate. It has become gross.

    This gross semen now produces lust in the mind and maintains all kinds of overhyped sex-function related processes in ones physiology. As the brain IS part of the body. Brain and body are like yin and yang from taoist philosophy, two separate pieces (forces) that act as one; work together as one.

    It takes 3-4 months for this gross semen to be reabsorbed by the body and some parts of it, some processes are simply not reversible.
    - In other words, the first 3 months of physical celibacy, there ARE NO 'semen retention' benefits. It is merely the body getting to relax from reduced taxation by the sexual function. FINALLY, the food it eats it get's to keep! as it was designed...; yey, happy times :)

    So, we learn that semen in the gross state is quite toxic for the body. And also a GREAT expenditure to make. If you have a look at the true hindu, taoist, muslim, christian, gnostic, etc. teachings from all over the world and history! they emphasize not mere physical celibacy, not mere 'unnatural' bottling up/rentention - semen retention BUT full body and mind, full being/soul transcending of the sexual, gross world. A form of transmutation of the soul if you will. What people sometimes term as sexual transmutation (aka, Napoleon Hills hype) is actually, entertaining sexual thoughts and sexual chemical releases and making semen gross AND channeling that horniness, that slight form of toxicity into your business duties. That is like driving 70-80 hours and drinking loooots of redbull and other stimulants. Just as blood is actually boiled by anger, so are vital nutrients in the body burned by the heat of lust!. as well as stability distrubed greatly!

    Mr Jesus said "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." This is TRUE monkmode. And THIS is the key to how to maintain superpowers on your streak. Many people loose their powers after 3-4 months because they do not practice properly. They merely abstain from normal, low intensity wank [mere nerve stimulation -_-] for a wank of a higher intensity (sex with real women, Not for procreation as intended phisiologically, and spiritually if you will). And so they engage in 'sexual transmutation' succesfully but they are not able to truly purify this lust and get back the full physiological benefits (body AND brain) of semen that is reabsorbed. I means Brahmacharya (hindu) and Taoist (ancient asia; ancient samurais/ninjas; historic jedis :p) say somewhere between 40 and 80 drops of blood equals one drop of semen. Somewhere around 32kg of actuall food is required to finnally make one drop or so of semen in the body. Of course of that 32 kg a lot of vital blood is made. But much less muscle is made from 32kg than blood. And much less bone. And muuuch less semen (not the sexual but the vital fluid).The body keeps sacrificing it's chyle for less blood because it requires it to live. It sacrifices its blood to make flesh because it requires it to survive. It sacrifices its flesh to make bone because it requires to, in order to survive. It sacrifices this hard earned bone marrow to make semen because the cells require it to survive. And what do weak humans do? Exchange this hard earned vital fluid for a few moments of pleasure.

    The body and mind become debiliated and REFUSE TO WORK! - brain fog? brain refuses to work today?...weak bones? Body refuses to work...bad memory and luck/synchronicity? brain refuses to do it's advanced jobs....getting the cold easily this winter? what is it, like the 3rd time? damn! the immune system cannot do it's job....
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    I like it very much.
    It has motivated me to go harder.
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    OMG!!!! This is the best post for a long time and so reliable and interesting. It shows that NoFap is not just something we think. It is real true science.!!! It is about how the world wants our most vital and valuable body and mind, and how we can protect us by abstaining. But we need how to be smart. We need to be aware all the time because there are traps everywhere.
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    Brilliant post. I especially caught the fact that the first 90 days of semen retention don't really do you much good. THIS is a breakthrough notion for me. I must get past the 90 day mark to really start feeling the benefits.
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    Thanks for this post and reinforcing what I had read in a book on Brahmacharya. Yes, celibacy is not just physical but mental too.

    All the best in your endeavor to remain free!
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    Other of Mr. Jesus´ rather problematic advices were:
    "And if your eyes causes you to fall into sin, it´s better to pluck it out."
    "And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut if off and throw it away."
    Be careful with personal interpretations.
    But on the other hand: "In the country of the blinds, the one-eyed man is king."

    I wholeheartedly disagree. The sexual world = Nature itself; is neither gross nor sinful in it´s countless material manifestations, but fascinating, splendid and beautiful.

    "To the pure, all things are pure; but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure."
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  7. So the mountains and the spring wind with the summer breeze on the seashore and the infinite patterns on butterflies are expressions of sexual activity?
  8. I agree. I said "the sexual world". Not world is sexual. The sex plane if you will. The world is everything, yet every thing is not the world. The world is infinite and cannot be expressed in one view point, word or language. But is it wrong to say that everyone/everything lives in their own world? That the life at home and the life at work are two different worlds?

    Did you not study literature in school?
  9. And are there not people who would rather prefer to go to prison for theft, temporary, than to commit murder under gang order ? Is this not the same as people taking poison or surgery to kill the genital organs, including having their reproduction/fiery function handicapated, in order so they may be celibate and rip the supposed benefits?
    He simply said that, than to be a crippeled bastard you can live better off without an eye. I am not sure if he mwant it literally. People back then were different. when the romans crucified him they did not do any special treatment for him. People were crucified all over the world back then. In fact there were 2 random thiefs that were crucified next to him. Movies usually portray the crucitifiction of the with jesus in the middle like hes being treated specially, that could be holywood addition. Vlad the 'Dracula' impaled people because it was normal to impale back then. All over the world. He happened to become popular because of it. When raids where done on foreign soil, rape and rage by the sword were common. Nowadays a drunk boy rapes a drunk-coma girl who listens to nicky minajs latest super sexual songs and everyone looses their mind. Sure she didnt want it in the least. But you have to understand that using such language in those times wasn't even in the least brutal. You have minecraft playing kids insulting everyone else on youtube with I raped your mom last night hahahaah, you creeper" all 24 hours of the day. Why aren't people loosing their patience there?
    What is your interpretation of this?
  10. I'm studying the same stuff but from Chinese Taoist perspective instead of Indian Yoga perspective. I know a lot of this is real. But I also think a lot of it is nonsense. Especially the explanations of things. It's one thing to discover what works and apply it practically - these things we can actually observe, feel and test. Semen retention benefits will fully kick in after 3 months? Ok, seems like that could be tested and observed reliably. But to explain how it works and why it works? I'm not so sure I want to believe these explanations. The idea that bone marrow is what produces sexual energy? Wonder how did they came to those conclusions. It's not like those people were scientists who understood exactly how body works. They just theorized. Yea, people also theorized that earth is flat...
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    Is interesting that you ask this, but in a way yes, if you use the word of polarity, +/-, Yin and Yang are a way of expression of that. The magnetism of opposite poles, which attract each other to unite and building something new. Be it the dance of the atoms, cations and anions, bees and butterflies or different patterns/seasons during the lifetime of creatures and the electrical phenomena of the weather. I would say the breath of life and joy springs from a subtle form of sexual activity all over the universe.

    It´s a question of perspective, I would say. There is an individual view and interpretation of the world, that is unique and is your very own, while at the same moment you can share these perceptions with other people, who sense the things in their ways. To some it´s all the same world, just different places and time they move in; while for others one is outside frontage personality life, while the other is their true private self at home. We may live in our own worlds, but there is enough connection to find a common ground for communication, that it is also the same world just sensed by differenct views. Only schizophrenic people believe sometimes, they would live in a complete different or totally separate from the others world.

    I´m quite sure, there are Moms, who lose their patience over this, if they hear or notice that behaviour.

    My point is, it is often questionable what the person, who is worshipped as Jesus or Christ today, really said and meant 2000 years ago, and what has been placed in his mouth later. The idea that every lustful thought would be already a kind of adultery for example, has often been used to make people feel guilty and sinful for being and behaving just like normal humans. The whole idea of poisening the idea of a natural unavoidable urge with guilt and sin and the following desperate tries to repress it then, are mainly responsible for the most excesses of christianity. There is no sense in castrating yourself, because you feel unable to control your lustful thoughts, that´s madness and masochism. And no, I do not think it´s the same as following a gang codex. The consequences of snitching are quite real for criminals, but the consequences of sin are a question of personal believe and faith. I do not believe in it, and so it doesn´t make me feel guilty or scared.

    Well, if all would plug out their eyes, just because they have tempted them to lust, it would be smarter to keep one eye intact instead, I guess...
    It means that half-knowledge is always easily impressing the ignorant, because he cannot differentiate between half-knowledge and true knowledge or wisdom at all.
    That´s my interpretation.
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    This advice by Jesus was about taking drastic action in order not to fall into sin if sin has become a practice. For example, if porn is a major problem, drastic actions would include things like getting rid of an instagram/facebook account if that is a trigger, getting rid of friends who encourage porn use or even have someone else such as a spouse monitor our internet use across all devices via some monitoring software such as Covenant Eyes. All these actions can cost us a lot in terms of things we value similar to the "hand" Jesus was talking about.

    Sexual desire is natural but it has to be controlled. Illicit sexual desire is dangerous. It is lust. And lust has led many people to do evil things. There is an intrinsic connection between lust and anger. If we allow free reign of lust in our bodies we are setting ourselves for a disastrous life.
    Sex is natural in the context of marriage in my opinion.
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    And in my opinion sex is natural at all. While marriage is a social human construction. Animals don´t marry. Some, like birds or jackals mate for life for sure, but I have never heard of apes or elephants celebrating any weddings. If they stay together for life, they do it, because it´s their natural instinct and need. If humans would behave the same, it would probably make a lot of misunderstandings and suffering obsolete. Doesn´t make much sense to pressure people in marriages, they cannot keep up anyway and pouring out guilt every time over them, if they feel, they cannot keep up with the expectations of this idea.
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    I ask what is the grand purpose of sex even for animals? Offspring. Now unlike offspring of animals, human offspring require much more care and nurturing. Marriage ideally should provide a safe 'haven' for children to grow up in. What happens when children are born out of wedlock and without a committed father for example. We know how much damage this does to children when they grow up without one of the parents.
    Most animals if I am not wrong and I stand to be corrected, instinctively have a mating season. So if animals have control over their sexual 'desire' why should we 'higher animals' give free reign to sex? If animals have rules of engagement so should humans. There has to be control over our sexual desires.
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    No other has the right to demand, how anyone shall use his body for pleasure. No husband over his wife and no priest over any believer. Those, who yearn for strict rules and need to submit to others orders, they shall do so. But all these religious organizations have proven themselve as foul and bigotry inside in the past. They have not the authority anymore to tell any youth, how they must behave. I do not say, there should be a running free of all sexual desires without any self control, as same as there should not be any gluttony, or drinking without any self control. But in fact this is the momentary world situation and I hardly doubt that the solution lies in a chinese totalitarian way by overwatching and punishing everyone, who is not willing to follow the majority orders.

    Of course rape is a violation of the others integrity in human terms, while it is nevertheless most common in the animal kingdom.
    But you cannot force parents to love each other, to rise up "intact children", while the reality is, they only fake it for the kids and despise each other in reality, because he watches permanently porn, while she has a secret affair with his best buddy. The children sense these things anyway, no matter how much the parents would try to hide this. And the result is only, the children start to believe love would really imply being dishonest, false and faking feeling to please others. It´s better they learn in time to deal with the truth. Lies always do more damage in the long run than any truth.
    We are not living anymore in the times hundred years ago, when every sexual intercourse meant the high risk of conceiving a child for a woman or men still had the right to beat and rape their wifes. That´s over and won´t return.

    And it´s not only the purpose to produce offspring that makes animals having sex. Bonobos for example, which are familar Chimps and very close to Men, do sex, including masturbation and bisexual behaviour, for social interaction, fun and settling internal conflicts.

    The folks and tribes of the South Sea practiced open love too without any problems, before the missionaries of the Western Empire arrived and forced their neurotic stuff all over them. Which made it seemed like paradise to western sailors and artists as Paul Gaugin, who lived there for a while.
  16. Not what I said bro
    No. Semen in subtle form is part of digestion. That substance than contributes to semen as we know it, as sexual fluid. This requires kinetic energy. Without it even that does not happen.
    Irrelevant bro :) not body mentioned that non sense in relation here.
  17. So you said:
    So now you're saying it's not semen that bone marrow makes but some other substance that further goes into making of semen? Pardon me Sir, I am slightly confused now.

    Well, ok. Still though, we can not fully trust that theory to be a fact, can we? I mean bone marrow, according to biology, makes whole bunch of stuff. Some of that stuff might be involved in making of semen. I don't know, I am not a doctor. But I sure as hell don't feel comfortable to just trust random explanations said by ancient Indian sages without any science to back it up.

    It's different for practical things. Prana we can feel, chakras we can feel. We can meditate on those things and get some tangible and consistent results. Maybe those things are not real, maybe they just feel real in brain. But results are real. And they can be observed reliably and consistently. But purely theorizing based on assumptions? Nope. Ain't buying it as 100% facts... :p
    It's relevant because it is kind of the same thing. My pint is that "knowledge" based on assumptions like that can not be relied upon. How would these ancient Indian Yogi sages would know how the body functions internally unless they would have today's scientific technology to find that out? They assumed things purely based on theorizing. Just as flat earthers did long time ago. It turned out be wrong. Maybe their ideas and explanations are wrong too...
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    Amazing information man ; thank you so much
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  19. That semen which is an subtle form in all the cells of the body becomes liquid and gross from lustful thoughts. It is maintained there by means of 'emptiness' speaking esoterically. Lust, most potently and directly, destroys that emptiness and the semen liquidifies.
    Modern science does NOT know how sperm is made! They saw a thing or two and have theories. Look it up. We do not know 100% how it's done. Period. We also DO NOT KNOW what happens to it if stored long term in the body. None, zero, zilch idea. Do you still think this has been disproved? If anything nofappers experience prove it.
    The spirit perceives it through means of being here. The physical body however we have a sense of feeling. We can actually feel stuff. This can be trained. You yourself said "a bunch of Indian sages" not wankers, not skinny hippy weed smoking, random crystal under pillow sleeping foolish and immature people.
    "- In other words, the first 3 months of physical celibacy, there ARE NO 'semen retention' benefits."
    Bro, here I simply meant in the first 3 months, the benefits are like 90-99% prana. Not physical substance. The theory well explains how ojas and prana come into play, which are the real deal here, but I ignored it out of the post so everyone else who is not a martial arts and is not able to feel prana as a result of training their kung fu will understand this. So until the liquified semen begins to be absorbed by the body, the physical/digestion process boost is somewhat minimal.
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  20. In this post I have completly ignored the energetic aspects of correct (and incorrect) celibacy practice. I can a separate post regarding my thoughts and knowledge on that. Are you interested in that?

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