Ayurveda, ancient knowledge on what semen actually is and how it is produced from food through diges

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    It's an interesting post KeetsScrim. Because not only is semen a representation of our virtues and strength, it appears to be literally a source of it as well. So in both cases, retaining semen may very well be our best path.
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    I tried find out the links between TCM and Ayurveda

    TCM says preservation and leakage arrest of Jing (Semen) gives Chi (Qi) energy and it helps to achieve Shen.

    The Ayurvedic comparison is 7 chakras (Wheel) namely
    Root Chakra (Red Color)
    Sacral Chakra (Orange Color)
    Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Color)
    Heart Chakra (Green Color)
    Throat Chakra (Blue Color)
    Third Eye Chakra (Indigo Color)
    The Crown Chakra (Violet Color)

    Root chakra should be Jing, the balance 5 maybe Qi and the Crown Chakra maybe Shen
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    we enter this frequency range bwo our sex energy. then at puberty we start to loose this vital juice. helped by the porn industry, the fractured family, public school. circumsision only draws our attention down. the mark of a slave. we go where we look. to be focussed on sex is to not grow up. "sperms in the gutter, loves in the sink". wasted seed thrown on hard ground. addicted to the jollys. to master oneself is not easy..but needed. the vitality of semen enriches each chakra as it climbs up the ladder..so long as thats the direction we choose to go. mindfullness of the preciosness of the gift we have been given, discernment of what is to keep and what is to be let go of. being in a dosed state of after orgasm we kinda loose our here/nowness. self abuse perhaps. but a real way to not rise up is to drain the fluid that floats our boats. to remain stuck and argue that we are stuck. "choose again"....acim say. imo, we came in thru a dink but we can leave thru our crown chakra. so ive stopped looking at crotches. lol wow.
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    Energetic concept of sexual abstinence is an advanced topic. That there should not be any wet dreams. That's we conquered the physical side and thought realm. More receptive prana/chi in state of meditation,. That will take few years committed practice to first experience.

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