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    OK, maybe a little dramatic, but Its true - I want to be serious about this - because Im starting to grasp how serious it is - my brain on porn. I kinda knew all along.
    So, Im reboting my brain from P and M. cultivating selflove and blessing my trunk -

    my wife does not even know, but I going to tell her. im going to show her the TED-talk movie about brain on porn, and Im going to tell her how I feel, that Im one of those guys, growing up with HCoreP from the age of 12. It been 18 years of porn - 18 years of fucked up flipsidereality and I about to take this bull by the horn.

    Im not sure how it whould be going HARDMODE, when shes around.
    She's the one complaining "she is a man trapped in a womans body" and Im thinking like "no way, you have no Idea how its like to have that testo-producer hangin there, fucking you up evry now and then like seriously" I could f*** a h**** and a s*** sometimes when I was younger! it mostly ended in c******e-compilations.

    So Hello you guys and Here I am
    Takin my addticion by the horns and reclaiming my male sexuality
    I cant wait to be free from all those weird P-fantasies that leaves me feeling soo soo small, underequipped and longing for t-w**** on another continent, on the other side of the world

    I look forward to my own, personal wet dreams,
    as I belive we are naturally sexual beeings.
    I want to learn autofellatio and get to know my wife even better, on so many levels

    like today, 15 days without porn, she came over to grab my ass

    Its like forever since last time

    Im suddenly hard to get ;)
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  2. Hello friend and welcome to NoFap, great work with everything that you are doing, keep going!
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    Welcome brother! Glad your here and awesome job on day 15! Keep fighting the good fight.
  4. norSylvester

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    Thanks guys! Its a good feeling, just to have someone to talk to, that you know understand. Im not alone, we're not alone! Its ok
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