Baby steps... 1st step 60 days PMO free... next the world.

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    Here are the goals I want to have under control, or accomplish within a year.

    Eating healthy
    Exercise regularly
    Get less fat - I’ll take a better dad bod this year
    Accomplish something as a hobby.
    Find a side gig or get a better job.

    For now I’m mostly focused on getting 60 days PMO free. I have failed so many times in the past and part of it for me was trying to change everything at once.

    So this time.... it’s baby steps. 60 days PMO free is the focus to start. I’m going to keep messing around with diet and exercise in the mean time, but I feel successful no matter what happens with just getting PMO free for 60 days. I have a thread for PMO, but eventually I want to focus more on this thread.
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    I got on a scale and decided this can’t wait any more. My BMI has shot up to 33.9. Obese is 30. Healthy 25.

    Instead of fast food I got some fruit juice and vegetable juice like you’d make juicing and and went to the gym for lunch. I’ve had the membership for 2 years and today was my 3rd time going lol.

    42 min on the treadmill then back to work. It’s a start.

    And then dinner wasn’t ready when I got home and I ate lots without counting. It’s going to take a real meal plan and I’m going to need to make my own dinner.
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  3. GottaBFree

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    Doing well on PM.

    Seems like I’m ready to take on more. Made a meal plan and exercise plan.

    Took care if some minor financial stuff- finances are starting to be a stressor for us. - I’m trying to punt on that for a few weeks if I can. I want to focus on diet and exercise next.

    My wife always bakes cookies or crap like that. It’s awesome. But she has self control and is skinny and I am super fat. (I was also fit when we got married... bait and switch! Lol)

    Growing up, if there was something good in the house everyone ate until it was gone.

    My wife and I are now on the same page. We are often “nice” to each other by bringing treats. No food cheating until we already had a date planned in a little less than 8 weeks.

    We have a plan for dinner together. This has been a long standing point of disagreement. I need more calories than she does, so I am just going to eat an additional snack at night. Otherwise I eat with the family and eat a ton 2 hours later.

    Official weigh in and diet starts tomorrow. I’m not eating anything else tonight. After years of “I’m going on a diet tomorrow” I know that’s the wrong start for me.
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    Week 1: (starting X/X/19 Monday)
    Week Starting BMI 33.7
    Meal Plan ✅
    Excercize plan ✅
    Day 1 M - Work out ✅ diet ✅
    Day 2 Tu - Work out ✅➖diet✅
    Day 3 W - Work out ✅ Diet ✅
    Day 4 Th - WO ✅ Diet✅ Lvl3 C25K
    Day 5 F - Work out ✅ diet ✅
    Day 6 Sa - Work out ✅ diet ✅
    Day 7 Su - Work out ✅ diet ✅

    Notes: Jogged every day and stuck with the meal plan all week. Jogging was bad the last couple days. Going to lift 3 days and jog 5+ this next week.

    Meal plan stays the same: 600 cal breakfast (oatmeal or cream of wheat time permitting). 800 cal lunch 600 cal dinner with 400 cal snack or bigger meal whenever.
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    You are doing great progress man
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  6. GottaBFree

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    Thanks! I’m being patient with myself as I get the right habits going. It feels like I can make some lasting change this time.
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    You sure will!
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    Interesting thing today. I was a little frustrated with my running using an app. (A couch to 5k app)

    I was a little frustrated I wasn’t able to finish the last stage with a run. Not mad but it was a little demotivating.

    Then I laughed. Since I use the same roads every time I could figure out how fast I’ve been going. The walk parts I’m going about 100% faster on now. The running parts I’m going 40% faster.

    I can’t judge my progress without some kind of measurement over time. I can get frustrated with myself at the wrong times.
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    Week 2: (starting 7/15/19 Monday)
    Week Starting BMI: 33.2
    Meal Plan ✅
    Excercize plan ‍✅
    Day 1 M - Work out✅ diet✅
    Day 2 Tu - Work out❌ diet❌
    Day 3 W - Work out ✅Diet✅
    Day 4 Th - Work out ✅ Diet ✅
    Day 5 F - Work out ✅ diet✅
    Day 6 Sa - Work out✅ diet❌
    Day 7 Su - Work out ❌diet❌
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    I need to stay off of sodas too. On days I drink diet sodas I don’t lose weight.

    My wife wanted a day out and a cheat meal the other day, otherwise I have stuck to the diet, but this pattern with the sodas might be real for me. It’s not good for me anyway.

    I just need to pack a lunch. Fast food is crap even when I keep the calories where they need to be.
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    Weekend was a little rough. I haven’t missed any days this week so far diet or exercise. The weight loss is stagnant now but I feel like I’m getting skinnier.

    I’m just going to keep going every day this week and see how I do without daily check marks. They don’t seem too motivating any more. Hopefully that means I’m more internally motivated.

    I messed up on the NoFap streak after I reached the 60 day goal. Getting going in that area is more important to me, but I’m still working on both.
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    Had a cheat meal for date night last night.

    There was a point I could have stopped the meal and been fine and stayed on my plan.... then I chose to keep eating since it was a cheat meal. My wife wanted ice cream. I didn't really want it, but then I ate 2 bowls lol.

    Calorie wise it probably only takes 1.5 days to undue it and hopefully it keeps me from going into starvation mode.

    The real test for me is getting back on the diet. I want this to be a life long change and I’d like to not be so extreme in “on or off” behavior.

    BMI this morning: 32.7

    I scrolled up and that’s down 1 point since I restarted on this thread. That is encouraging. I could get back to 30.0 by the end of October if I keep this up.
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    Not tracking my daily diet and exercise has been negative. I am stuck. I can’t run cause my knees started hurting. 7 days a week was a bad idea.

    Potential good news at work. I can try to grow my business on some new accounts. Nobody else wanted them, but maybe I can make something out of them. They are low potential today, but I might be able to help them grow their business at the same time.

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