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    Hi guys,

    After watching porn on a daily basis since my early teens, I quit porn in early 2015 (at age 29) and it took me roughly 3 years to get back to good and reliable erections. For whatever reason, 6 month ago I gave porn another try. Since then I’ve been on and off porn (probably 2 weeks on, 2 weeks of, 2 weeks on etc). My EQ is obviously very low right now.

    After the first 2 weeks I already made a post, asking for experiences on how much of the progress might have been damaged. Now as the circumstances have gotten worse, I wanted to ask the same question again.

    Do you guys think it will take roughly another 3 years to recover? I was hoping that the cured paths from all those prior years of porn haven’t been fully brought back by the past 6 months.

    Eventually, there’s no way around putting in the effort to get back to normal again. However, it would be quite discouraging if it takes until my late 30s to have proper sex again.
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    Hey there, can you tell me the different stages in those 3 years
    I’ve been in flatline for nearly a year now
    The first few months I had no sensation down there at all
    In last couple of months I’ve started having nocturnal erections
    Ocassionally I will now get spontaneous 40% semi erections
    Does this sound like I’m healing?
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    Of course your healing mate.I can’t really recall how long my flatline lasted, however, it was definitely longer than a few months.

    Just before my EQ came back to normal I visited an endocrinologist to get my bloodwork done. In our conversation he mentioned, that in a scenario where one doesn’t use his penis for sexual activity and also does not have nocturnal erections, the penile tissue begins scarring. This obviously aggravates the whole issue.

    This shouldn’t worry you, however, you could start actively supporting your way back to normal. In that regard I tried two things, which worked equally well.
    The first was taking 5mg tadalafil before going to bed. Next thing I did was doing pelvic floor exercises for 20-30 minutes before going to bed. I did each for roughly 5-6 month. As I said, the results felt almost the same so I would advice you to start with the latter one. The idea behind it is that you facilitate getting your nocturnal erections back as these function as a natural training routine for the carvernous body.

    One caveat, this is obviously just bro-science.
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