Back at it again.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by MrSalvatore001, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Yesterday I had a close call but I pulled through and was able to resist as much as I could. Today was so much better as I got my mojo back.
    My work has been stalled for a while now which made these last few days really boring. Hence, the urge to watch porn. But I'm back at figuring out how to start my work again.
    It's too late to turn back at this old habit. I have to go all in to be my true self.
    The 1-month streak is on its way.
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    Nice work man!
    This has been a week of more urges for me as well, yesterday coming one after the other but only lasting 5-10 minutes or so. From prior reboots they may get longer and stronger in the future so I'm also striving for "all in." What helped me yesterday is that I had made a list consisting of two columns where one side was all of the negative emotions, etc... that I feel when I'm lost in my addiction and the other column has all of the positive emotions, possibilities, etc... I kept asking myself "why do you want to keep hurting yourself pursuing the delusion of brief "comfort" that PMO brings?" The result is always the same!
    Keep up the fight and keeping moving in positive ways for yourself!
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