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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Suhail22, Jan 15, 2021.

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    Hello everyone..
    Myself suhail..Iam 29 year old boy from India... Iam hooked up to porn and masturbation since I was 15 years old..I have completed my 62 days today.
    My nofap streaks:
    62 days is my second highest nofap streak.. My highest so far is 109 days during 2020..
    I believe this streak is even greater than 109 days because in 109 days I was into anxiety medication but in this streak even I am out of medication as well.
    This journey so far for me was a tough one... I am in flatline for almost the whole journey... At some times I felt really good but mostly I was feeling low and had to face various withdrawals regularly..I experienced wet dreams on day 16,18,53 and 55 ....I am a very addicted person that's the reason iam feeling so... Your journey may be different from me... But one thing for sure that I know in the coming days I will be out of flatline and I will feel amazing... But to be frank even in this flatline there are many things which have improved... Let's list the benefits.
    1.My energy is definitely increased... Earlier I was not even having energy to do my regular works but now my energy is good... As iam in flatline sometimes I do experience low energy but it's temporary and fades away quickly.
    2.My anxiety has reduced a lot... I am an anxious person to be frank... But after following nofap for 62 days I can say that my anxiety is reduce a lot... It's 50% lesser than my previous days... Still sometimes I feel panic attacks due to withdrawals and also feel anxious but it still manageable.
    3.My skin is getting a lot.. .. During nofap I can say that my face is glowing and even my mom noticed about it... Acne and dark spots started to go away.
    4.My hair fall and dandruff issue is now almost went away.
    5.My confidence has increased tremendously and even increasing day by day and even I can walk with my head up..
    6.My stress issue is also improving.. Earlier I was getting stressed even for small things and my body was activating stress response that eventually had an impact on my digestive system.. But now my digestion have improved tremendously.
    My goal of 62 days is completed...why I kept 62 days as my goal and not 60 days because I had to break my second highest 61 days which I did in 2018..
    I am fulfilling myself with a reward for achieving this goal... I am gonna enjoy this reward with my friends..
    Now my goal is for reaching 90 days and also I will set a reward for this.
  2. keep going stronger bro....
    This journey is definetely tough & always worth it..
    Recovery will surely happen & its already happening just wait for the right time when it will start kicking in..
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    Exactly bro. I totally agree with u
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    congratulations. :)

    just want to ask some few things. sorry if this looks copied-and-pasted or looks like a spam, because I'm trying to ask others about quite the same thing on similar forum post, which happen to be among my most important concerns:
    1. what are the most tempting times/worst times that you've been through? how did you get through it?
    2. did some of your mental strategies fail you? did a mindset that brought you to PMO recovery fail you? if yes, does it happen once, or several times? how do you get through it?
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    Great job brother. I hope I can match your streaks.
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  7. Why do you feel low though, it is such a great achievement, I’d be very proud. If all the positives you list come from NoFap then I think this is a major breakthrough for you!
    I personally would love flatline as it greatly reduces chances of a relapse (I think).
    Well done Suhail22

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