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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Calvinklein, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Hey guys! Its been a long long time since i have been here. Lets Let history in short: its worst. I dontd even know when i relapsed and i i have gone back to fapping for a long time everyday. And have gone back to doing nothing the whole day. I tried many times in between to stop fapping but couldn't stop it for more than a day. I did complete my graduation but all my friends have clearly surpassed me as they have been working for a while now. I keep giving excuse that i have been studing for USMLE which i have clearly not.
    I had previously gone 3 months straight but then things fell apart after that.

    Now i wanna start again. And this time i am looking to give all i got. My main goal for this time is:
    A) complete nofap. Sex is ok. Wet dreams is ok.
    B) Hard studying . I have to give 4 hours+ atleast a day. I will start this from sunday onwards. Have to take care of myself first as i have been a mess all this while.
    C) joined gym and after 2 days its been 5 days since i have not gone there. So go gym everyday and work hard on it.
    D) be clean and clean my room and laundry.

    Will post here on a daily basis. Hope it will be worth it.
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    Good luck man. I'm trying to break this habit before I go to med school. PMO was often one of my favorite procrastination activities during studying.

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