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    It’s been a year now since my last 92 days NoFap, after that slowly I returned back to my normal behaviour like NoFap for 12days, 15, 30, 7, so on
    Sometimes even 3-4 to 5 times a day my mind is so fucked up and I have exams in next 20 days I have been trying to practice wim hof and some pranayam techniques(breathing techniques) but I was able go till 14-15 days then urge will kick me to relapse I even tried cold shower 2 times a day, maybe I should change eating habit as well. I’ll keep posting my thoughts… in this movement while writing this thread i have some strong urge to fap… damn my mind is so fucked and and my sexual desires are so deep. Please anyone here share your experience if you were been in my situation before and how you come up with this behaviour and steps to be taken care.

    thank you!
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    Stress and anxiety are the culprits of your urges.
    Exercise, breath, and pray.
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