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  1. If you are here, thank you. I got to just over 90 days, but I could feel myself getting too casual and wasn't serious enough about recovery. Yesterday I masturbated without porn, and today I did. I thought I could look for a second and turn it off, but that's the way it works.
    I never gave the porn filters serious consideration before. I think that had better change. I have encouraged others who have stumbled before, and I am not going to throw a pity party for myself now.
    The only good thing I can see from stumbling is that the number of days does not matter, it's the quality of commitment. Also, I really felt the true emptiness of masturbating to porn. It was so hollow. Yes, I was turned on, but it felt very forced and fake, like I was eating rich food that I didn't want to put in my mouth but ate it out of habit anyway.
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  2. I hope you will break this habit again and start a new NoFap streak. The worst thing you can do is underestimating an enemy.
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  3. Yeah. I need to regroup and refresh and start again, armed with better knowledge. Thank you.
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    Although your streak may be back to zero, you are certainly not back to zero in terms of progress. You went over 90 days without porn or masturbation - that's huge and means you are a long way towards clearing your mind from this addiction.
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  5. Yes, for me that is lifetime huge. I appreciate your kind words very much. Thank you. I am determined to do better.
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    Keep up the fight. As its been said before, we cannot ever drop our guard or under estimate the enemy.
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  7. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your words.
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    Well after 15 years of addiction I have to try this !
    I just decided enough is enough and joined this group. Seeing some of you with reset counters makes me feel less "behind", I know it sounds silly but I almost tried everything and I keep falling back so I hope with the support here I can finally end that vicious cycle. And growing my counter with others makes me feel less in the shadows about this
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  9. Welcome! You have made a great choice. Having to be a little accountable is probably the best first step anyone can make. It isn't easy. It can be very frustrating. I know it is worth it. Living a lie isn't fun. So welcome again!
  10. Guys, I fucked up again.
    I need to reset to zero.
    This is way harder than I had thought. I will not give up but I must wonder why I am so weak recently.
    I can give good advice to others, but I do not follow it myself. It sucks seeing the key but not being able to use it.
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