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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by GA93JDeereboy, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. GA93JDeereboy

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    Just wondering if anyone would like to share some of their bad experiences.
    This may discourage others from seeing escorts.
  2. johndoe117

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    I got you.

    I made an account on a popular sugar baby/sugar daddy website. This is just high class escorting with a hint of cuckholdery. I liked it because it felt like a dating website the girls would always reply and they'd message you first. This is because they are seeking money.

    I had met with two girls, both were young and naive, and I treated it like a date, because that's really what I was seeking. Of course at the end of the night there's a shitty feeling you get because it's still transactional.

    The third girl was a pro. A professional prostitute who understands what lonely men are looking for and how to manipulate them. She was clearly in a lot of pain as well, because she used a lot of drugs. I saw her take two xanex, smoke weed, and some other pill.

    We were having sex, and she was becoming more lucid, so she got up to take that second xanex. She wanted to be unconscious, and looking back that was incredibly dangerous for me.

    The next morning we had agreed we would leave together to pay her, and she watched me like hawk, suggesting I shower with her so I couldn't leave while she was showering. She became all business then, not taking drugs or being seductive, only interested in procuring money from me, because that's her job. I should have just laughed in her face and left with out paying her, but we actually went to the bank together for me to cash out. What a cuck I was.

    It was such a corrupted view of femininity. That she would be seductive only as much as necessary, take drugs to be unconscious during sex, then to demand payment. I'm sure I funded lots of drugs for her, and contributed to what will be her slow death.

    It was after this experience that I sought therapy, it was a wake up that my issues were becoming destructive.
  3. DonDraper

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    Jesus Christ, I'm never going to buy an escort then. Thanks for scaring my straight.
  4. Nagual

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    Im honest, I already considered at a point going to an escort or prostitute. Im happy that I never did it, I would sure regret for the rest of my life. Since I do NoFap I think clear now and I will never do this in my life. However I cant judge anyone who did that, I myself was considering it not too long ago. Therefore I would happily read your stories and learn from the experience other people made.

    @johndoe117: What a crazy story. Thanks you for sharing. It must have been a strange situation to sleep with such a women.
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  5. Thanks for sharing. I had researched going to Nevada brothels or finding an escort but never followed through. It all seemed worse and worse the more I read up about those things.
  6. I don't go to escorts ,women pay ME and with a profile pic like mine the line is pretty deep to meet me LOL
  7. LOL! Silly guy! We do need some humor from time to time. At times we get too serious around here.

    Or maybe you're being serious!?!?! Hmmmm????? Maybe the homeless look is what I need to start going for in order to find the perfect wife?????
  8. LOL , only I can rock the homeless look and the toothless women who have not bathed in weeks love it ;) ha ha
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  9. Sharksvv

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    I saw at least 20 escorts over the course of my addiction, I don’t recall too many bad experiences during the time spent with them, it was more of a bad experience when I walked out that door and back to my car, the shame and embarrassment I felt was very bad, a very lonely feeling.

    If I had to pick one? I contacted this one escort for a fetish related session and when I arrived at the hotel room she looked nothing like the photos, I walked in and immediately starting thinking of ways to back out and get out of there without paying her. An overwhelmingly feeling of “what am I doing here” came over me.

    So I immediately asked if I could use the washroom and frantically thought of a way to escape, I set an alarm on my phone to go off once I exited the washroom and pretended it was a phone call that I neeed to take outside in the hall, then I just bolted for the elevator. In a way it was relieving that I didn’t go through with it but also very much depressing that I even put myself in that situation.
  10. Tough to here glade you got out of there without having to pay her anything , fake photos are a huge problem online they all cant be as nice as my profile pic
  11. GA93JDeereboy

    GA93JDeereboy Fapstronaut

    I lost my virginity at 20 years to a prostitute. It was Worst decision of my life.
  12. GA93JDeereboy

    GA93JDeereboy Fapstronaut

    Way to much time wasted looking. Even looking for love. I'm sorry you guys I really, I'm like the guy who want to have fun, that is all I really ever wanted and I have had fun but like the other guy said that walk back to your car or truck is a very sad and lonely walk. I cant change what was done but I can change the now and hopefully my bad experiences will dissuade someone who doesnt need an escort if they are perfectly able to go out or to meet a woman.i used to feel so very embarrassed about doing it but I may idk if this sounds crazy but i may have thought about putting a video on the internet about me and how it has affected me just to help someone even if it shows my name to the world. If I help someone or can meet someone and beat this addiction once and for all and save many others it is so worth it.
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  13. GA93JDeereboy

    GA93JDeereboy Fapstronaut

    It's time to get back on nofap and stick with it.
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  14. FightOfMyLife

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    I'd like to offer a slightly different perspective from experience. I lost my virginity at 16 to a prostitute. I actually thought it was awesome at the time and even now in retrospect some 20 years later have absolutely no regrets about it.
    Years later I met an amazing woman I fell deeply in love with and had a beautiful 10-year relationship with her, both emotionally and sexually very fulfilling for both of us. The reason I say this is to warn you against dramatization, one of the most self-destructive behaviors there is.
    Sleeping with an escort, prostitute, etc...isn't going to ruin you or prevent you from loving someone or having someone love you, we're much more resilient than that. What's going to prevent you from living beautiful experiences however is dramatizing those events to make them seem more than what they are, in this case a horny young man looking to get laid at any cost as he is biologically wired to do, and made to feel guilty about it because of some stupid societal norms nobody questions.
    I will however confirm JohnDoe117's story about the transactional nature of relationships with prostitutes and the bleakness of it all. But nobody is forever soiled or tainted for having done something like that. You need to have more faith in who you are fundamentally. I slept with lots of prostitutes in my late teens/early twenties and it never stopped me from treating the gf's I was with as well as humanly possible, never cheat on them and have deeply fulfilling emotional connections with them, because that's who I am fundamentally.
    To be clear, I'm not recommending sleeping with prostitutes, I just think dramatization is very damaging and a ultimately a foolish strategy to try stay away from doing something. Just be mindful, believe in how unique and strong you are fundamentally and live your life to its fullest, whatever that means for you.
  15. GA93JDeereboy

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    I appreciate your advice
  16. TheGhostWhoWalks

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    My experience wasn't exactly with an escort but with a straight-up prostitute overseas. This was actually before I had been heavily exposed to porn, although at the time I was regularly looking at magazines. A friend and I had been drinking heavily and going from club to club trying to find girls to hook up with (I was maybe 22 at the time). We struck out and were on our way back to our hotel when we were approached by two middle aged women, on some level I knew exactly what they were but I was too drunk to care. I ended up going back to this woman's apartment where several of her other family members lived. Just the fact of how poor these people were and the fact that she was doing what she was doing to support her family was enough to cut through all of the alcohol and make me want to get the hell out of there. This place didn't have working plumbing and I had to urinate into a bowl that she threw out of a window. I won't get into a lot of details about the act itself but there wasn't anything remotely sensual or sexual about it. I wanted to leave before finishing but she pretty much begged me to stay and finish (in retrospect I think she thought if I left I wouldn't pay her). I immediately felt sick about what I had done and wished I hadn't done it...or even just gave her the money and left.

    I am sure there are those that think having sex with an escort or prostitute is harmless but it seriously hurt my self-esteem just knowing that was something I had resorted to. It's not something I think back on and say "oh that was fun" it's more like "damn, I wish I could go back and not do that". Looking back over my life there are probably three or four instances I wish I could just go back and erase or change and this is definitely one of them. That isn't even to mention the ridiculous amount of risk you have of getting some sort of STD in a situation like that.
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  17. TheGhostWhoWalks

    TheGhostWhoWalks Fapstronaut

    "Disappointed" would be an understatement. It left me feeling depressed about the human condition in general and made me feel like less of a person for having done it. That stuck with me for a long time.
  18. I always felt shameful after being with an escort.
    The planning was the best bit. The act itself was always cold.
    Always said “never again”.
    However, I kept going back......
  19. After seeing several escorts I can safely say that they rarely if ever look like the pics on their pages. That’s the first downside, the second is that they’ll say anything you want over the text or call while booking them just to get you there. Then there’s the fact that they almost always try to take your money and get you off and out of there as fast as they can. It’s very it’s very unpersonable and for the most part a shameful experience. I don’t recommend getting caught in it.
  20. I can relate on that. Dodgy pictures.

    I once went to a massage parlour in which I’d seen the girls photos and description on the website. When I got there all three of them where well overweight. And, looked nothing like in their picture. Not good. It was a long drive to get there as well. Extremely disappointed I was.

    However, that was followed by utter shame on my part. As, I decided to go with one of them. Dreadful looking back.

    The woman was nice enough mind you. No complaints there. Just her figure wasn’t really what I was looking for.
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