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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Jrmz94, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Jrmz94

    Jrmz94 Fapstronaut

    What are some bad habits( besides pmo) do y'all want to ditch and what are some good habits you want to start doing?
  2. You_ll_succed_for_sure

    You_ll_succed_for_sure Fapstronaut

    All that share negative, even for money is bad habits.
    People this days need to work on their common sense, because now : good is evil, and evil is good, maximize that with money.
  3. Nicko Stretch

    Nicko Stretch Fapstronaut

    good habits - being present in the moment, humility, non violent communication
  4. Lufaro

    Lufaro Fapstronaut

    Negative habits (other PMO):
    -fear about the work future
    -youtube and some forums(not this) addiction

    Good habits I want to get:
    -read a lot of books (beyond the books I read for studying).
    -wake up early (6:00 AM) everyday and don't find excuse like "This night I slept badly".
    -become more productive. I want to be able to study at least 10 hours a day. Really.
  5. Hold it in

    Hold it in Fapstronaut

    Gossip. It's the #1 problem I have right now that needs to change. On the flip side,Im very proud of myself for quitting alcohol
  6. richard.freeman

    richard.freeman Fapstronaut

    Good habits (in general everything that makes us better persons and achieving our goals).
    - sleeping well (8h, influences longevity and everything else in our lives),
    - improving in sport(s),
    - improving in playing music instrument,
    - getting certifications for job/career

    Bad habits (everything you know is bad for you, but you keep doing it):
    - procrastination (that's why we 'haven't got time' for anything)
    - addictions
    - doing anything against other person will (using power, money, higher position, etc.)
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  7. DesBeingSad

    DesBeingSad Fapstronaut

    Bad Habits - besides PMO - I want to replace:
    • Internet addiction which leads me to procrastinate in my work, sleep late at night and relapses
    • Snacking unhealthy junk foods and drinks such as bubble tea after my meal
    • Shopping on things I don't really need
    • Checking my phone first thing in the morning or in the toilet
    Good Habits I want to bring into my life:
    • Journaling by brain dumping my thoughts and ideas on a Leuchtturm1917 notebook
    • Heading to the gym in the afternoon every workday
    • Eating more fruits such as watermelons and bananas
    • Sleeping early around 11 PM by having a bedtime routine of reading a book on my bed without a single glance at my phone
    • Going back to playing musical instruments
    • Learning new subjects and topics such as a new language, ancient history, anthropology, etc. at the library
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