Bad mojo seeping into my dreams. yuck!

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    Hey guys. How are you tonight?
    I haven't shared a journal because well, I was hoping this would all go away. But Hey Unfortunately it is not.

    The short.. my partner and husband of 10 year, as Ive learned recently, has been an avid user of porn and on line dating sites of all kinds....for our entire relationship!

    ahahhhh! we have separated or he's left many times. lol I feel more and more foolish as i'm writing this. But none the less we are/were working through things (3 little kids). He said he would stop but he only makes it about a week.

    So the other morning I have this really scary dream... In my dream we are happy married .I wake up one morning to find him online while sitting on the edge of our bed...Watching porn. I Discover a hidden app with bondage video's of women killed then raped, in these white houses .very graphic dream images... my dream continues to me at a friends white house telling her what happened. ., we decide to talk about it over rootbeer floats..I walk outside to buy soda and vanilla Ice cream ..a man and woman approach me as Im walking to the drive..It is the same man killing the women from the videos on my husbands computer... I turn to walk inside and call for help from my friend..the man and woman grab me as I wake up to my husband saying good bye for work... "love you babe I'm leaving now. Are you okay?
    Totally not remembering the dream
    I reply with, "ok, Im not sure, I just woke up".
    side note .he always asks if Im okay when he's been up to something. like who says that to someone who's asleep seriously ??

    I found the question odd so I logged on to my secret spy ware ..and sure enough he had watched porn that morning.
    my dream came flooding back to me and fear swept over me..I totally had this evil evil dream about him watching porn and being abducted , while he was in the other room WATCHING PORN!!.

    its been a few days and I am still wrecked from it....
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    I think even subconsciously, you are a smart woman.
    Give yourself some credit.
    You know your SO.
    Be proud of yourself and breathe.
    You have instincts that will keep you well guarded in the future.
    Trust them.

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