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  1. aderbal

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    fellas, i fall, it was destroying me, i was looking for p all the time, it was consuming me, i was weak, there were 22 days, i'm finished i don't know what else to do, always like this, i had two sequences one of 40 and another one of 22, and in both falls for being weak, help me, I've tried to open up, make everything always fall for foolishness, what do I do to keep going without relapses, I really want to be a new being
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    First, set the firm foundation. Know who you are in Christ and get rock solid on the truth of your identity in him.
    Then, get free. Take it one thought at a time. Each unhelpful, tempting thought must be countered with truth.
    Then, stay free nowww. Live one day at a time, keeping your focus always on Christ.

    This might also be a help to you if you have not seen it:

    Get some APs and start reaching out to them every single day. We cannot fight this alone!
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  3. Kemar935

    Kemar935 Fapstronaut

    If you'd like I can be your AP, I won't be a good example to you maybe, but I am able to fight this with you together
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