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  1. I want to create a accountability group, preferably using the whatsapp platform. It doesnt matter how many days you are clean right now as long as you know that you have it in you. I did this once before and having a strong accountability group works wonders. We need to push each others to reach our ultimate goals. My goals for 2017 is to create a badass workout program for myself, meditate more often ( daily), start to take some cold showers, fight PMO like never before. I want this group to attract like minded people. Someone who are willing to go the extra mile to make 2017 an epic journey. This group is not for the weak minded. Dig deep in yourself before joining. We are going to make this together so we need a bunch of bad ass guys to make this work out.
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    First time for me to join an accountability group, this looks cool!
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    My thought on AP in general is to be specific, stick to regularly checking in daily if not more often. I have had guys be like "oh just whenever" but that's just not realistic. If anyone wants to check in 1-2x's a day with our own stated goals I'm game.
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    Sounds like my kind of community. I share many of your goals and think such a group would be mutually beneficial for many of us here. Time to kick some ass.
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    I've been against doing the partner thing due to my journey being solo for the entire time it's been in existence. If you're serious though, put me down with definite interest. The more difficult it is, the deeper it goes, the better.
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  6. this is why I want this group to be on the whatsapp platform. It makes it much easier to check in once a day or more. We also need to push each others to improve on a day to day basis. My experience from earlier is that the entire group needs to improve all the time. If one relapses or slacks off for too long it affects the entire group and may cause a total breakdown.
  7. I think we are on the same page here. I want this to be as bad ass as possible. I think working out is really important to get our head in the right place. If everyone in the group can do just this one thing on a regular basis I think we are set for success. But why stop there? Lets improve in every aspect of life. It does not matter what your goals are as long as you follow trough.
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  8. I am really glad for the solid response in this thread. If you are up for a challenge for the entire length of 2017 then this group is for you. Please PM me your phone numbers and install whatsapp messenger so I can add you to Fight Club 2017!
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    Negativity spreads like wildfire. Also, egos are a thing. They can spoil groups as well.
  10. Fight Club 2017 is born. We are currently seeking members with discipline and motivation. People with a positive mindset and will power to pull off respectable streaks. We are going to work together as one unity. I do not know how many members who are the ideal number but I would say quality over quantity. The group is open for everyone who wants to say "adios" to 2016 and "hello" to a much better 2017.
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  11. Please remember to PM me your phone numbers with country code so I can add you to the whatsapp group.
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    How do I send a PM?
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  13. Sent you a PM
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  14. Please PM me your number and you are in!
  15. Please remember to add country code before your numbers! We are currently 3 members. Still room for more.
  16. Well I'm out. WhatsApp hater I am.

    Truly sorry yall.

    Telegram is my cup of tea :oops:
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  17. No hard feelings
  18. I would like to say welcome to our new members. We are now 7 and growing.
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    I'd love to join you, I'm on day 4 and my group fell apart!

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