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Discussion in 'Fitness' started by Soccerfan115, May 24, 2022.

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    What's up everyone! Hope you all are doing well today and crushing your goals like always. I have some questions for you

    1. What training splits do all you follow?
    2. Do you follow any specific diet?
    3. What fitness channels/people do you follow?

    I do a back/bi, chest/tri,legs/shoulder slit for a few months then go to back/tri,chest/bi,legs shoulders for a few months to shock my body.

    I don’t follow any specific diet but I do intermittent fasting often

    I follow some fitness youtube channels for some workouts but other than that I just do whatever I feel like doing that day at the gym
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    My Journal
    im having trouble shocking my body , i try mix it, back-core day, lower body day, upper body day, ill do, calisthenics, free weights , smith machines, rubber band resistance, its only been a month after a year of absolutely no working out, my muscles have been feeling sore the next day lesser an lesser, i dont know if i hit a plateau or not , i watch chris for eatting ideas an work out ideas an motivation
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    Just stick with it and be disciplined. Just because you aren't getting sore doesn't mean your muscles aren't growing
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  4. 1. I work legs twice per week, 2 upper body days, 1 full body cardio HIIT day, and 1 day with a personal trainer.
    2. I do not follow a specific diet, i just try to eat healthy but also allow myself some treats. Generally try to keep it 85-90% clean for the week.
    3 On YouTube I follow Athlean X, Alan Roberts, Burn Boot Camp, Funk Roberts, and JTM Fit.
  5. Soccerfan115

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    What kind of stuff does your personal trainer teach you?
  6. It'll be things that I don't normally do at the gym. For example on Friday she had me doing zercher squats, supersetted with one legged squat with a kettlebell. It's great to have someone that knows more then me and can give me new things to do on my own.
  7. Soccerfan115

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    Yeeah that's awesome but they're also pretty expensive
  8. SDJR

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    Most trainers know exactly fuck all..
    Stay away from complicated instagram exercises. They do nothing but complicate things.
    When choosing a work out ask only one thing?
    Did Arnold do this when he was training?
    Eat six good quality meals a day (not McDonald's)
    And train hard.
    Bench press for example... You might start with just the bar for 20 reps. Then add 10 lbs a side after each set. 4 sets of twelve is a fucking warm up. Ten sets gets you strong.

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