Battle with loneliness

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  1. Gotta work on myself. No drinking. No grindr. No Pmo. Loneliness is my weakness and what's gets me doing things I dnt need to be doing. It's a hard fight.
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  2. Wiwilliam

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    Yep, that was my problem too, when I was 20 I moved to different country alone, I had no friends no family, and I didn’t know the language, hard times, easy way to scape was porn, got addicted...
    And here I’m with you fighting to get my real life back. You are not alone do not give up.
  3. GripStrength

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    I’m in the same boat buddy! Been basically lonely my whole life. It gets bad to the point where I really don’t know why I even to try to be alive at all. If this is all life has to offer! Porn is great for that. Just let the world fade away and you go into a psychosis. But, I’ve come to realize that that doesn’t fix anything.
    And although I still don’t really know why, or what anything is and/or for in this world, I know that I’ll never find out if I’m dead or if I’m stuck in a solitary room beating off all day or avoiding the hard things. Don’t give up the fight! It’s a hard one but I think it’s also one that might have some answers hidden somewhere in it. Keep on going!
  4. Fallensoldier1

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    Ah yes. Loneliness is hard. And probably we all have suffered from it at some time or another. That’s the problem I’m really struggling with at the moment. A lot of loneliness and depression! I don’t really have any friends either, so that makes it worse.
  5. tiredofdoingthis

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    Something tells me that many of us that get really held up by this addiction may be solitary or lonely people. I have had loneliness and depression and anxiety most of my life. I think much of this is from deep wounds in childhood, because I can feel lonely even with friends or family at times. It is difficult to understand. One thing I know for sure, it is easy to hide from loneliness in PMO. It is a place I found to hide from these feelings. There are few things that completely absorb my attention. PMO is one. I don't really have friends that I interact with. I have a wonderful wife, but I can't say I'm always available emotionally or mentally to the extent I need to be. I definitely find PMO can make this worse, but it is a problem in general. It doesn't stem from issues in our relationship. It's just who I am. It took a long time for me to realize this, but over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the loneliness and depression is part of me. I take meds and have done tons of therapy. I think I see more and more all the time that as I said, much of it stems from my family relationships growing up. Best of luck guys. You have friends here!

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