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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by going up, Dec 23, 2018.

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    im on day 6 of a fast. instead of raiding the frig i write another thread. i weave my threads from my experience, strength and hope. i extend a care. i feed my real hunger with morsels to you all. my fellow fappers/nofappers. we step out of the shadows, one way or another. we become real. we offer ourselves as is to god and wait the reply. god wastes no time. i give him an opening and he acts. he has been loving me forever. but until i stopped eating shit/porn i could not yearn for better sustenance. so this fast is good. a detox. the body is smarter than an addicted mind. but it takes the valleys to have a mountain. it takes a great fool to know the humor of the gods. poor lucifer had a great resentment in his humbling. he forgot to laugh. but we all will laugh. it takes what it takes. id like to thank all the ones that partook in my souls' dramas. mom and dad the most. lets hold this new level of awareness. its merely the truth after all. we are all the children of god , in various stages of awareness. be kind. be helpful. judge nothing. and witness the opening of all the doors leading from and to our hearts. : )

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