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  1. few years ago i saw a movie called 300. I know many of you also watched that epic movie. So in that movie the king fought against thousands of persians with his 300 brothers. but he and his all brothers died without fear. he knew that death is front of him. Before the last battle started the evil king called Xerses said "Bow down i'll leave you and Greece" then the spartan king replied :- "After slaughtering all these men of yours, I've got weird cramp on my thighs. So, kneeling down is not possible". Those badass warriors teach us lot about never giving up. Guys all i wanna tell you that fapping is not healthy you know why bcoz when i used to fap after that I used to feel really very empty and anxiety where all of my friends picking girls and travelling. so just remember:-These are just body sensation we called them urges. and these body sensation come and go. And "Never ashamed of your scars, they means whenever life tried to made you down, you stand like a warrior and won everytime" •̀.̫•́✧ BE STRONG.
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    100 DAYS OF SUCCESS !!!!!!! ....... Good Job

    Like that part about never giving up .......
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    I needed to read this. I was feeling doubtful due to repeatedly relapsing after starting a new reboot. I've had some good streaks before and need to get back to that mentality.
    And yes 300 makes me feel manly everytime I watch it.
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    100% agree, thanks for this post! :)
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  6. Anytime brother. Thanks for the likes. B-)
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  7. Yeah man hope is everything & thats what makes you special.....warriors arent those who fail & giveup....warriors are said to be those people who keep fighting untill they die or win the game ;)Happy journey to u man
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  8. Thanq brother:)
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    Is this a success story?
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    Hey man. Great post. I liked the reference for 300. I believe that we all owe a little effort to ourselves in being active in this website. This makes us a community where we help to each other. Like you said in your post, we are in a journey. It is not a one day attempt to be better and not give in to your urges, but a consistent attempt doing so.

    I believe that if we can guarantee to ourselves that we can do our best in refraining from these unhealthy habits we are one step further into being the people we want to be.

    I wish you the very best brother.
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