Be Proud of Yourself...for 10 things a day

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    1. I sat with people I’ve met once before (common theme in list of things I’m proud of lol. This is difficult for me to do though)
    2. Told someone when I relapsed
    3. Spent time with friends
    4. Told people when I felt sad
    5. Made this list even though I don’t feel so proud of myself today
    6. Made my bed
    7. Cleaned up my room a bit
    8. Washed off my makeup
    9. Did my makeup!
    10. Didn’t watch porn
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    I keep forgetting to make this list.

    1. I did pretty intense exercise for a long period of time.
    2. I focused for an hour and a half on reading something for school.
    3. I got three books from the library and started reading two.
    4. I had dinner with someone new.
    5. Meditated a lot
    6. Woke up before the sun
    7. No PMO
    8. Told my parents of an academic accomplishment
    9. Opened up to my new friend
    10. Took a cold shower

    11. Also I did my laundry
    12. I got my boyfriend a Valentine's Day gift
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    1. Up before sun.
    2. Cleaned; purged junk.
    3. Read A Brief History of Time.
    4. Developed my flexibility; worked on breathing patterns.
    5. Piano; didgeridoo.
    6. Sent an email to a friend with a story I've been meaning to tell them, but otherwise wouldn't have.
    7. Walked the dog—without a jacket during a Canadian winter. Fun. :rolleyes:
    8. Cold shower.
    9. No TV.
    10. No PMO.
  3. livingconqueror

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    1. Woke up early
    2. Got breakfast with a friend
    3. School work for over 4 hours!
    4. Meditated
    5. Practiced mindfulness while walking about
    6. Took the coldest shower I’ve ever taken in my life
    7. Exercised a bit
    8. Made progress in both books that I am reading
    9. No PMO!!!
    10. Meditated and posted stuff on this website in response to sadness
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  4. livingconqueror

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    1. No PMO!
    2. Exercised
    3. Cold Shower
    4. Went with a friend to play soccer with some girls (something I would usually never do)
    5. Sat with someone I knew at lunch
    6. Volunteered my notes to someone who missed class
    7. Called my sister
    8. Meditated
    9. Read my book
    10. Reached out to a bunch of people
    11. Admitted my feelings to self and others
  5. Mkngitwrk

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    1. No PM
    2. Woke up before the alarm
    3. Ran a 1 mile
    4. Made a healthy breakfast
    5. Made it to church yesterday
    6. Got to work on time
    7. Had a conversation and actively listened
    8. Talked to my mom
    9. Made this list
    10. Breathing and taking it all in.
  6. Short list of 5 today...
    1. Did absolutely nothing noteworthy today—and don't care!
    2. Enjoyed doing absolutely "nothing".
    3. Contemplated our need for downtime.
    4. Reflected on how our "progressing" society is leaving us all more disconnected and stressed.
    5. No PMO. Day 45!
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